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wheaton divorce lawyerUnfortunately, there is no easy way to get around the average cost of divorce. While it may be possible for some spouses who own very few assets and who get along reasonably well to save money by filing for an uncontested divorce, most couples have numerous issues that take time and resources to negotiate. But although you may already know that divorce is likely to be expensive, you may not know exactly which expenses to anticipate. At The Stogsdill Law Firm, we believe that the more information you have about divorce, the better prepared you will be to manage yours. Here are the most important expenses we see our clients manage in their divorce. 

Filing Fees

While filing fees represent one of the less painful expenses of divorce, they can still cost several hundred dollars. Filing for divorce alone costs about 350 dollars in Illinois; court appearances, child support annual fees, parenting classes, and the cost of serving your spouse divorce papers can all add up to quite a lot. Avoid unpleasant surprises by speaking with your attorney about how much you can expect to pay in fees. 

Household Expenses

Just because you moved out and only see your kids once a week does not mean that you are not still responsible for maintaining your regular expenses. You remain responsible for any debts with your name on them, including your home loan and credit card debt. And while you may not have a court order telling you to pay for certain things until the divorce is over, if you completely stop helping your spouse pay for the mortgage and the house falls into foreclosure proceedings, you may be on the hook for financial dissipation. Your attorney can help you decide which expenses to continue paying for and work with you to create an agreement with your ex to manage household costs during your divorce proceedings.


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wheaton divorce lawyerThe vast majority of parents are committed to discovering their children’s needs and wants on an ongoing basis and most parents spend many sleepless nights trying to help their children solve life’s problems and learn the necessary lessons they need to succeed. Divorce can throw a major wrench into the process of raising a child, however; not only do you have to continue raising your child with your ex, but now there are strict, legally binding guidelines dictating how you will make decisions for your child and where they will spend their time. 

Some parents can manage this well together, even after divorce; some parents struggle to cooperate. But for some parents, there is an additional concern: What if the behavior of your child’s other parent means they could be unsafe in that parent’s care? Is it possible to get full custody of a child in Illinois if one parent is endangering the child? Read on to learn the answers to these questions. 

What is the Difference Between Parenting Time and Parental Responsibilities? 

Illinois does not use the terms “custody” and “visitation” anymore. Instead, they use the terms “parental responsibilities” and “parenting time.” These essentially describe the same ideas as the previous terms: Parental responsibility is the authority to make important decisions on behalf of the child; visitation is the time each parent spends with the child caring for him or her.


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wheaton divorce lawyerWhile nobody hopes to get divorced, sometimes a divorce is the inevitable outcome of a relationship that seems unfixable. Unfortunately, not every attorney has the skill, knowledge, or characteristics to give their clients the best experience possible. While divorce can take time and some minor delays, communication mishaps, or billing disputes may be inevitable, if you are seeing behavior from your attorney that makes you question whether they are legitimately capable of representing you, you may want to consider seeking someone new. Here are five signs that it may be time to find a new Illinois divorce lawyer

They Seem to Lack Experience or Knowledge of the Law

Sometimes attorneys fresh out of law school can provide clients with outstanding representation; other times, it takes them a few years to cut their teeth. If your attorney cannot answer basic questions, makes mistakes in front of a judge about the application of the law, or generally seems confused about which steps to take next, he or she may not have the experience necessary to provide great services. 

They Take Days or Weeks to Get Back to You

While every client wants their case to be resolved right away, the reality is that the legal process often operates very slowly. Delays can be a normal part of divorce. However, if you are asking your lawyer questions or requesting updates and you do not hear from them, this is not a good sign. Generally speaking, you should be able to reach your attorney and get an answer without hassling them. 


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shutterstock_774708895.jpgBy the time an individual or couple decides to get divorced, the relationship has often been over for quite a long time. The decision to get divorced can, therefore, feel like it has a sense of urgency and even couples who are still on good terms usually want to get the process over and done with as soon as possible. If you are a resident of Illinois seeking divorce, you likely have some questions. Is there a waiting period before divorce? And what does the divorce process look like? Read on to find out - then contact a knowledgeable Illinois divorce lawyer to get more detailed answers to your questions.  

Illinois Has No Mandatory Waiting Period For Uncontested Divorce

Some states have a minimum waiting period before divorce to give couples a chance to cool down and consider the implications of a permanent separation more carefully. However, in Illinois, there is no waiting period before the process can start - that is, as long as both parties agree to get divorced. 

However, couples seeking an uncontested divorce in Illinois should keep a few things in mind: 


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wheaton child custody lawyerInternational travel, global business operations, and wide-scale inward and outward migration mean that, more than ever, couples in Illinois are often made up of one American spouse and one foreign-born spouse. While this may be very romantic in the early stages of a relationship, it can introduce major complications during and after divorce

If one parent moved to the United States from another country, he or she may want to return to their country of origin following a divorce. Parents who do this rarely want to leave their children behind. Unfortunately, this creates a situation where nobody ends up happy: The parent from Illinois does not want their children relocated outside the country, while the parent who is not from the U.S. may not have anything tying them to Illinois besides their former spouse. This can lead to ugly and protracted custody disputes over relocation, and, in worse case scenarios, sometimes the spouse from outside the U.S. will try to leave without permission and take the children. 

What Does the Parenting Agreement Say? 

Parents who are not from the same country should deliberately address this issue in their parenting agreement. Parents born outside of the U.S. will almost certainly want to travel abroad with their children at some point, so the parenting agreement should provide exact details discussing how international travel will be managed. The parenting agreement will also include details about how major decisions will be made, including where the children will live and within which parameters a parent can relocate without court approval. 


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