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Proving Domestic Abuse in a Divorce in Illinois 

 Posted on April 05, 2024 in Divorce

Wheaton Family Law AttorneyWhen someone is hurt by domestic abuse in a marriage, deciding to get a divorce can be tough but important for their safety and healing. Even though Illinois law does not let you use domestic abuse as a reason to get a divorce, it is still important when figuring out things like who gets to take care of the kids. If you have been hurt in your marriage, it is crucial to show that the abuse really happened. Talk to your lawyer about the best ways to do this.

At our law firm, our team has over 45 years of experience. We are skilled at helping people with their divorces, especially when there has been domestic violence. You can count on us to guide you through this tough time. We will sit down with you, listen and examine the facts of your case, and then begin developing a legal strategy tailored to your situation.

Keeping Track of Abuse

One key way to show domestic abuse in a divorce is to write down every time it happens. Note the dates, what happened, and any injuries you got. Keeping a journal, saving mean messages, and taking pictures of your injuries are all ways to help prove your point in court. This shows there is a pattern and how serious things are. The establishment of a pattern is a critical piece of evidence that can be highly beneficial for those looking to prove domestic abuse has occurred.

Getting Help from Witnesses

If other people saw the abuse or know about it, their words can be strong proof in court. Friends, family, neighbors, or professionals who saw something can support your story. Their words can show different sides of the abuse and make your case stronger. Authentic witness testimony can go a long way in proving domestic violence occurred

Using Medical and Psychological Proof

Getting medical help for your injuries and keeping records of it can be solid proof of the abuse. Also, talking to a mental health expert can show how the abuse affected you emotionally. This kind of evidence gives a full picture of the abuse and its impact, which can help a lot in court.

Contacting Our DuPage County, IL Divorce Lawyer

The sooner you get a divorce, the sooner you can start fresh. If you are dealing with this hard situation, reach out to our trusted Wheaton, IL divorce attorneys with The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C.. Call 630-462-9500 for a private consultation.

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