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Millennials Are Changing Marriage and Divorce in Illinois 

 Posted on December 27, 2021 in Divorce

wheaton divorce lawyerIt is a favorite habit of older generations to cast aspersions on younger generations, but no group of young people has been the target of as much public derision as the Millennials. For decades, Millennials have been written about in magazines and newspapers as selfish, disinterested youngsters who are more interested in social media than they are in respecting their elders. 

However, as Millennials have gotten older and managed the challenges of adulthood, much of this worrying has come to naught - it turns out Millennials are more cautious, financially reserved, and deliberate about making major life decisions. One area in which this behavior manifests most obviously is in marriage and divorce

Millennial Marriage is More Likely to Last 

Many Millennials have watched their parents get divorced, dealt with the personal and financial fallout of divorce, and want to avoid making the same mistakes. Even as the Baby Boomer generation continues to get divorced well into their 60s and 70s, the divorce rate has dropped - largely thanks to Millennials. 

While it is true that overall marriage rates have also decreased, this is due to Millennials’ precaution when picking a partner. Millennials tend to choose partners at an older age and are more likely to live with a partner before they get married. Millennials are also more focused on getting an education, saving money, and living independent lives before tying the knot, giving them greater stability and contributing to longer-lasting marriages. Rather than being the careless, ne’er-do-wells of stereotypes, Millennials take marriage seriously and if they decide to get married, they want it to last. 

Millennials Divorce More Deliberately 

When Millennials do get divorced, they have often already positioned themselves for a less hostile process by signing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements at greater rates than their parents. They do not want either partner to be financially devastated during a divorce, nor do they want the long, expensive, complex divorces many Millennials saw their parents go through. Millennials also tend to have fewer children and deliberately prioritize their children’s care, making them more cautious about how divorce will affect their children. Following a greater trend towards egalitarianism, Millennial fathers tend to be more involved in their children’s lives and divorce laws in Illinois have even changed to ensure both parents are involved in parental responsibilities and parenting time whenever possible. 

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