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Am I Responsible for My Spouse’s Medical Debt in Illinois? 

 Posted on April 11, 2024 in Divorce

Wheaton Divorce LawyerMarriage is a union of love and partnership, but it can also come with serious financial responsibilities that may raise questions in the event of a divorce. One very common concern that arises during many divorce proceedings is the issue of medical debt and whether one spouse is responsible for the other’s medical expenses. In Illinois, understanding the laws surrounding medical debt in the context of divorce is crucial for protecting your financial well-being. For issues involving divorce, medical debt, and more, contact a lawyer to get dependable legal assistance from a reputable professional.

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Marital Property Laws in Illinois 

When splitting marital property in Illinois, the process is done equitably. According to the law, equitably dividing marital assets means that assets and debts acquired during the marriage are subject to division. It is important to remember that debts, including medical debts, established before the marriage are not considered marital property and, thus, do not need to be divided. Only medical debt acquired during the marriage will likely be considered marital debt and may be divided between the spouses.

Liability for Medical Debt Incurred During the Marriage

Regarding medical debt incurred during the marriage, both parties may be held responsible for repayment, no matter whose name is on the medical bills. Illinois courts may consider the purpose of the medical treatment, the financial circumstances of each spouse, and the overall division of assets and debts when determining liability for medical debt during divorce proceedings.

Contact a Wheaton, IL Divorce Attorney

Understanding your rights and responsibilities is important if you want to navigate divorce proceedings effectively. Processes such as property division can have enormous implications in your divorce, so you will want to make certain you obtain competent legal counsel. While the law may seem complex, you do not need to become a legal professional overnight if you are going through a divorce. There are attorneys available who have a robust understanding of the law and are ready to assist you. Contact the DuPage County, IL divorce lawyers with The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C. for dependable legal guidance from an exceptional law firm. Call 630-462-9500 for a private consultation.

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