Naperville collaborative law attorneyEvery year, hundreds of thousands of American couples make the difficult decision to pursue a divorce. Divorces can be complicated and tense, as well as emotionally painful. Still, while many divorces can be hostile and resolved in court, some divorces are amicable and fairly seamless. 

In a collaborative divorce, a couple that has decided to amicably separate will work together with their respective attorneys to negotiate a settlement, while agreeing to be open and honest with each other throughout the process. This allows them to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion to their divorce while avoiding the potential unexpected outcomes of resolving their divorce in a courtroom. If you and your former spouse believe that you can work together to reach an agreement about the distribution of assets, child custody decisions, and other key issues that arise during the divorce process without going to court, a collaborative divorce may be the best option for you and your family.

What You Need for a Collaborative Divorce to Work: 

While a collaborative divorce can save you a great deal of, time, money, and agitation, success in the collaborative process is reliant on a number of different aspects: 

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), upwards of 800,000 Americans are divorced each year. If you believe that a collaborative divorce is the right choice for you and your family, working with an attorney you can trust is crucially important to the success of the collaborative process. To set up a consultation with a DuPage County collaborative law attorney, call us today at 630-462-9500.