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As far as pop stars go, it's hard to name one more popular than Britney Spears. The songstress recently completed a long-running show that netted her over $137 million dollars in addition to a highly successful world tour. Spears' ex, Kevin Federline, who has full custody of the couple's two children, is reportedly seeking additional child support in light of his former wife's increased income. The couple could be headed to court soon, just like any Illinois couple would do that is seeking an order of support modification.

Federline divorced the singer in 2007, not long after the birth of their youngest child. Likely due to her touring and performance schedule, the father was awarded custody. It is reported that the two have a cordial relationship, and he purportedly offers frequent visitation to Spears so that the children have a relationship with both parents.

Federline is currently reported to receive approximately $20,000 per month for the support of the two children. He is asking for an increased sum since Spears' income has increased exponentially since the time of the divorce. Federline believes that an increased child support payment can help him provide for everything that the children may need.

So far, the couple has not been able to reach an agreement about increased child support payments. It is reported that the father hoped to settle with the pop star privately, but he is willing to take the matter to court if he must. An order of child support can be modified if the circumstances of either parent change. An Illinois parent seeking additional child support payments may choose a modification of the agreement with the support of an experienced family law attorney, whose guidance can aid in the protection of the child's best interests.

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