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Illinois divorce attorneysEvery year, thousands of Americans walk away from their relationships. A divorce can represent a new opportunity for the entire household: a change in parenting dialogues, less fighting between the parents, and a new chapter for the former spouses. Despite unfactual rhetoric suggesting that divorce can lead to problems for children, prolonged fighting between the parents, and future financial insecurity, sometimes a divorce is the best option for everyone. Still, it can be truly difficult to know when it is time to walk away from a marriage. If you are considering the possibility of a divorce, it may be time to contact a legal professional.

When To Walk Away

Just like every marriage, every divorce is different. Yet, many divorces are brought on by the same combinations of symptoms. Below are a few examples of signs that a divorce may be right for you and your family.

Aggressive Communication: When communication with your spouse begins to lack patience and becomes aggressive (screaming, shouting, using expletives), it may be time to consider the possibility of a divorce. A common mistake people make in deciding to stay in an unhealthy marriage is the utilization of the notion: “Everybody Fights”.


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Wheaton divorce lawyersDespite the common misconception that divorces are rising throughout the United States, divorce rates have been declining since reaching a peak rate in the late 1970s, when about 50% of marriages ended in divorce. Today, with the use of advanced technology and increased intel, organizations can track divorce statistics within specific age demographics.

According to studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, divorce rates have risen exponentially among Americans 50 years or older. Since 1990, divorce rates among U.S. adults over the age of 50, have more than doubled. If you believe that divorce is the right choice for you, it may be time to explore your options.

Why The Rise?

With the rise in divorces among Americans over the age of 50, many people are wondering why. There are many reasons why couples elect to separate, and for this specific age demographic there are a number of common reasonings:


Illinois family law attorneysFamily law courts routinely make decisions on monumental issues, such as child custody, property division issues, and alimony determinations. Thus, it is no surprise that a large number of people leave the courtroom, disappointed by the decision-making process and the determinations that were made.

Fortunately, sometimes people can contest unwanted outcomes. If you truly believe that your family law case has been wrongly decided, it may be possible to pursue an appeal. It is important to understand that simply being unhappy with the court ruling does not entitle you to an appeal. An appeal is only plausible if the decision is truly incorrect. If you believe the grounds that lead to the court’s decision in your family law case were falsely established, it may be time to explore the possibility of an appeal.

Understanding the Appeal Process

An appeal is defined as the process in which an appellant (the person requesting the appeal) does not believe their case was properly decided and requests examination of the decision from a higher court. In the state of Illinois, family law appeals are always first reviewed by the appellate court of the state of Illinois.


Kane County family law attorneysAccording to the National Highway Traffic Association (NHTSA), upwards of 1.6 million Americans are convicted of Driving Under the Influence each year. Here in the state of Illinois, drunk driving continues to pose a massive threat for law enforcement officials, as just under 2,000 people were arrested for driving drunk in the greater Chicago area, throughout 2017. Even with the sheer number of DUI arrests, a conviction can come with massive implications. If you are arrested on charges of a DUI, it is important to meet with a legal representative and explore your options, moving forward.

The Impact of a DUI

Here in the state of Illinois, a DUI conviction comes with legal ramifications that can change your life forever. A first conviction is a Class A Misdemeanor, and it comes with a year-long driving ban and suspension of vehicle registration. The real impact of a DUI conviction comes in the financial impact of hiring a legal team, the misdemeanor on your permanent record (impacting future job opportunities and potential bank loans in the future), and the recognition of the fact that a second conviction could be incredibly damaging.

The Impact of Additional DUI Convictions

The second, third, and fourth DUI convictions can come with severe criminal punishment. While a second conviction still represents a Class A misdemeanor and typically only results in minimal jail time, a third conviction within the state of Illinois can have a monumental impact on one’s life. According to Illinois State Law, a third DUI conviction constitutes a Class A Felony that may result in the loss of driving privileges for a minimum of ten years. Additionally, the convicted party will face a $2,500 fine and potential jail time of up to 90 Days in prison. In the event of a fourth DUI conviction, the driver will face a Class 2 Felony Charge, revoked driving privileges for life, potentially substantial jail time, and a possible fine of $5,000.


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DuPage County divorce attorneysEvery year, thousands of American couples make the difficult decision to get a divorce. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 800,000 divorces occur throughout the United States on an annual basis. While some divorces can be a seamless transition into a new life for both partners, some divorces can be contested. Divorce settlements are routinely complicated by issues such as child custody, resource allocation, and division of property.

If you believe that your former spouse is likely to contest you on any number of issues, it is important to be prepared. Most importantly, it is critical to partner with a legal representative that is eager to fight for your best interest.

Potential Contentious Issues

While no divorce is the same, there are a number of issues of contention that are commonly fought for during a divorce settlement. Listed below are a few issues that may arise during your divorce:

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