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How Can We Manage Parenting Time Disagreements if Our Infant is Still Breastfeeding? 

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DuPage County Child Custody LawyerIllinois parents who are divorcing or who have never been married will need to create a parenting agreement that details how each parent will play a role in the life of their child. These agreements can be difficult to negotiate, especially when very young children are involved because infants and toddlers grow so quickly and their needs change often. When a child is a breastfeeding infant, parenting time can be especially tricky to manage because the child needs to frequently be with her mother. 

Do Children Need Their Mother More When They Are Very Young? 

This is a complex question with answers that vary depending on whether you examine the issue from a political, social, or child-development perspective. While only mothers can breastfeed, it is essential for fathers to be involved in an infant’s development. Learning to feed a child, care for a child, and manage the frustrations and joys of early parenthood is crucial for forming a strong bond between both parents and their infant. 

Illinois, like many states, has tried to move beyond the presumption that mothers are always the most nurturing parent. But when it comes to the question of a breastfeeding infant, the challenges are more logistical than ideological. Research is quite clear that, whenever possible, breastfeeding is important for child development. Furthermore, the mother needs regular access to the infant or a pump to keep up her breastfeeding schedule and milk supply. 

Creating a Parenting Schedule

Overnight or weekend visits with a father may not be in the child’s best interests while he or she is very young. However, children do not breastfeed forever, and other alternatives, like formula and pumped breast milk, are available. Parents will be encouraged to work out an agreement between themselves that takes each parent’s schedule, location, and ability to care for the child into consideration.  

Judges will be wary of mothers who appear to be using breastfeeding as an excuse to keep a child away from her father. Likewise, they will be cautious if a father appears to be thinking of his own wants rather than the needs of the child. The apparent motivation of the parents will appear to be more favorable if they can cooperate to create a shared agreement, rather than fighting until a court has to make it for them. 

Meet with a DuPage County Parenting Time Lawyer

At The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C., many of our DuPage County parenting time attorneys are also parents who understand how stressful and exhausting early parenthood can be. We are committed to helping our clients navigate parenting plans successfully so they can find an arrangement that works for them and their families. Call us today at 630-462-9500 to learn more about how you can protect your parenting rights and the best interests of your child. 




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