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When the laws regarding divorce changed, the way that parents determined when and how they would spend time with and make decisions about their child's life changed as well. These aspects of divorce, which are now known as allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time, require that parents craft and submit a legal document that outlines the details of these matters in their divorce. Known as a parenting plan, it covers everything from where a child will go to school to what their religious upbringing will be. Know how this plan is used and how you can effectively craft one during your divorce.

What is Included in a Parenting Plan

Since each family is unique, parenting plans should be crafted to reflect their specific needs, beliefs, values, and circumstances. The details will also likely vary, from one family to the next. However, most will include how important decisions about their child's life will be made, a schedule for parenting time, pick-up or driving responsibilities of each parent, and information on which extracurricular activities the child will participate in (if any).


As more and more schools move to a schedule that is year-round, your children may have a longer school vacation for their spring break. Whether their break stretches only for one week or two or more weeks, parents who work need to plan well in advance in order to provide care for the children during their times off from school.

Since these breaks are not always consistent dates from year to year, it is essential that you start planning as soon as you receive the new school year's spring break dates, which is typically at the beginning of the school year. By working with your child's other parent and sharing important information, such as spring break dates, you can hopefully work out a schedule that is beneficial for your child, as well as acceptable for both parties involved.

Check Your Parenting Plan for Guidance


After a divorce or child custody case has ended, the real struggle is often just beginning. Parenting timeissues are among the most common reasons family law cases end up back in court. However, when parents are able to work out parenting time differences, their child's life and their own will be less stressful, and additional finances will not be spent going back to court.

Types of Parenting Issues

Life is often much more complicated than a simple parenting plan can anticipate. When a child is sick, or has a school obligation, what happens to the other parent's parenting time? Life for both adults and children is so full that rescheduling parenting time can be difficult.

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