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5 Ways a Divorce Can be Healthier than Staying in an Unhappy Marriage

DuPage County divorce attorneyDespite the fact that over 800,000 divorces occur throughout the United States each year, many Americans still view divorce as a worst-case scenario. Divorce can bring a number of complications into your life, including child custody battles, disagreements about property division, and in many cases, a move away from your old home. However, for many married Americans, divorce represents a way out of an unhealthy relationship.

Why a Divorce Can Be Better Than a Bad Marriage:

According to studies conducted by The United States Census Bureau, 41% of first-time marriages end in divorce. While many Americans falsely believe that divorce represents a failure in their lives, in reality, divorce can represent the healthiest option for you and your loved ones. Below are five reasons a divorce could be the best decision you can make: 


divorce and finances, divorce and retirement, qualified domestic relations order, qualified domestic relations order, Wheaton divorce attorneys, retirement plansAccording to US News and World Report, as many as 800,000 Americans are divorced each year. Divorces can be emotionally trying, psychologically challenging, and incredibly complicated. While most people struggle with the emotions of a separation from their former-spouse, it is important to have an eye on the logistical side of the separation. Understanding the financial implications of a divorce can make all the difference in ensuring a financially stable future for yourself post-divorce.

From retirement plans to the nuance of taxes, understanding how your financial situation will be altered after your divorce can be a tall order. If you are moving into a new chapter in your life and preparing for divorce, hiring an experienced divorce attorney can help ensure a healthy and sustainable financial future for you and your family. Consider the following fundamental tips that can help you help yourself during your divorce.

Preparing for a Hostile Separation


Wheaton divorce attorneys,  divorce mistakes, divorce and finances, divorce process, divorce and communicationThroughout the divorce process, some couples allows their emotions get the best of them. From making rash financial decisions to refusing to make compromises that benefit the whole family, going through a divorce is never emotionally straightforward. If you and your spouse are considering a permanent separation, the most important step you can take for you, your resources, and your family, is hiring a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

Hiring a divorce can save you countless time, money, and emotional strife as you and your family go through the process of divorce. A competent team of legal representatives can help you answer questions of child custody, asset allocation, and complex tax issues. Consider the following mistakes a team of divorce attorneys can help you avoid.

Allowing Emotions to Boil


Deciding whether or not to file for divorce can be a difficult, confusing, and even painful. This can be especially true for couples that still care about one another, or that have been together for a long time. Yet, even in these situations, divorce can be a positive thing. In fact, some couples who have spent years either unhappy, distant, or simply out-of-touch with one another have found a fresh, new start in life once the divorce is final. So, if you suspect that your marriage might be on the path to divorce, learn how to take that next step, and discover how to ensure your rights and interests are protected throughout the process.

Should You Proceed with Divorce?

Of all the decisions you will have to make, the one over whether or not to divorce is probably the most difficult. After all, you have invested time and energy into your marriage, and it can be difficult to let go. Yet, if you find yourself feeling as though your marriage is the lesser of two evils, are staying together for the children, find yourself on a different path than your spouse, or spend the majority of your time arguing, you may be better off taking the next step.


Divorce can be an emotionally difficult process, full of contention, stress, and heartbreak. It is also a process full of financial obstacles that can place your way of life at risk. Thankfully, a little perspective can help reduce this risk. More specifically, viewing your divorce as a business transaction, rather than an emotional situation, can minimize the financial strain that often accompanies divorce. This is not easy, of course, so the following provides some specific information that can help.

Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Spouse

The first thing you need to do during divorce is develop healthy boundaries with your spouse. Know when and how to separate yourself from situations that are stressful. Discuss matters through your attorney, rather than face-to-face and avoid arguments that are both unproductive and unnecessary. Most of all, remind yourself that this phase in life is only temporary. It shall pass, and the stress you feel now will not always be there. Hold onto this whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or confused.

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