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The process of getting a child support order from the court can be long and frustrating. However, for many parents getting the child support order is just the first step. Sometimes the real problems come in trying to collect child support.

Who is Responsible for Collecting Child Support?

The court can issue child support orders as part of a paternity case, divorce, or parental responsibilities proceeding. The Child Support Division of the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services (DCSS) can also issue child support orders.

Understanding Jurisdiction in Illinois Family Courts

DuPage County family law lawyer, jurisdiction, Illinois family courtsJurisdiction can be a confusing concept for non-lawyers to understand. Jurisdiction is the power of the court to hear a case and make a decision. For several different reasons, sometimes a case is brought before a court; however, the court does not have the power to make a ruling. Hence, the court does not have jurisdiction in that case.

Two Types of Jurisdiction

In Illinois there are two types of jurisdiction: subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction. Subject matter jurisdiction is the power to rule on cases depending on the subject matter of the cases. No Illinois state court has subject matter jurisdiction over a bankruptcy case. Those cases can only be brought in federal bankruptcy courts.


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Often, after a divorce, both parents continue to live close together. However, when one parent wants or needs to move, and therefore takes the child with him or her, situations can become complicated.

In some cases the court must give permission in the form of an order of removal before a child can move away.

Distance Matters


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What happens when a relationship ends, and a father then requests a DNA test to avoid paying child support because he does not believe he is a biological parent? This scenario occurs more often than one may think.

What Legal Paternity Means

Most of the time, being a biological father and legal paternity are considered one in the same. However, there are situations where an individual can become a child's legal father without having a biological connection to the child.


After a final decision has been reached in your family law case, you only have a short time to decide if you should file an appeal. Not every case is suited for an appeal. You need to have your case evaluated by a lawyer with experience in bringing appeals of family law cases.

Timelines and Options

Illinois law usually requires that any appeals of final orders be filed within 30 days of the order being issued. The first document you file is a Notice of Appeal. While appeals of custody orders are often heard on an accelerated docket, most appeals take months, or sometimes longer, to be completed.

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