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March 2017 Archives

Kids of Divorce May Feel They Have "Lost Their Childhood" - What Every Parent Should Know About Divorce

Parents who wish to divorce often grapple with the idea of moving forward. This conflict often comes from fears about how their children will fare during and after the emotional process. A new study on the effect that children may experience after divorce may not ease those concerns, but it does offer some advice on how parents can do things differently. Learn more with help from the following information. 

Do You Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

Family structures have changed significantly over the last 50 years. In fact, data from the Division of Vital Statistics suggests that more couples are shirking the idea of marriage and, instead, participating in cohabitation. Unfortunately, this can present some unique legal challenges, should the couple ever decide to split up. Learn more about protecting your assets as a cohabitating couple with help from the following information. 

Is Your Marriage on Route to Divorce?

Most books and advice columns focus on saving marriages, and for a good reason: divorce is hard, often painful, and expensive. Sometimes, though, it is better to know if you should let go. Marriages that are toxic, abusive, or beyond the point of salvaging are prime examples. No amount of work would likely repair such a marriage, and staying could result in more harm than good. So how do you know if your marriage is on route to divorce? The following information may help. 

New Report Says Relationships Are the Biggest Financial Risk to Women - How You Can Mitigate the Risk

Women tend to be relational in nature, but relationships themselves may place them at financial risk. More specifically, marriage and divorce can be dangerous endeavors for women. This information comes from a new report, which was published by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The following examines this phenomenon more, and explains how women may be able to mitigate their risks. 

Hiding Assets Often Starts Long Before the Divorce

While nearly every divorce is painful and difficult, it is those with a high net worth that tend to be the most contentious. Sadly, it is often the lower-earning or non-earning spouse who is at a severe disadvantage during the case. What is worse, many do not realize that the asset hiding and deception that sometimes occurs often takes place long before the divorce starts. Learn more about protecting your finances in a high net worth divorce with help from the following information. 

Study Suggests Women May Experience Higher Levels of Stress Than Men During the Divorce Process

Divorce can be stressful for all parties, but a new study suggests that it may be more so for women. Previous studies have also shown that women are more likely to experience other negative effects from divorce. There could potentially be a direct correlation between those negative effects and stress levels among women. Thankfully, it may be possible to reduce stress levels during the divorce process. The following explains 

Stress During Divorce Can Have a Negative Impact on Children

Divorce can be painful and difficult for everyone involved, but children tend to be the most vulnerable to emotional trauma during the process. Further, children are at a higher risk for long-term negative effects from divorce. A new study indicates that stress may be one of the biggest factors. Learn how to mitigate this issue for your child during your divorce with help from the following information. 

Do Non-Traditional Roles in Marriage Increase the Risk of Divorce?

Family structures have changed significantly over the last couple of decades. It used to be that fathers went out and provided for the family while mothers cared for the children and home. Now there are single parent homes, homes where the father stays home, and still others where both parents work. Of course, no single option is really any "better" than another, but studies suggest that these non-traditional roles may be impacting the risk of divorce. Learn more about this phenomena, and how you can protect your family if you believe that divorce may be on the horizon. 

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