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Lloyd Practice Areas Divorce Divorce Planning Alimony / Maintenance Unallocated Alimony Taxes and Divorce Distribution of Marital Property Dissipation of Assets High Net Worth Divorce Business Valuations Forensic Accounting and Asset Tracing Protecting Assets and Investments Retirement Plans, IRAs and QDROs International and Interstate Divorce Post Divorce Modifications and Enforcement Child Custody (Allocation of Parental Responsibilities) Sole Custody and Joint Custody Child Visitation (Parenting Time) Child Relocation or Removal Grandparent Visitation Child Support Children’s Expenses Post Decree Enforcement Non Payment of Child Support College Expenses Collaborative Law Mediation Family Law Adoption Civil Unions Domestic Violence Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders Paternity Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Appeals Blog Family Violence or Parental Alienation? The Answer is Rarely Clear Can You Deny Parenting Time if Your Ex Falls Behind on Child Support Payments? Slow and Steady – What You Can Expect from the Divorce Planning Process A Word of Caution: Beware of Tax Issues on the Assets You Receive in Divorce Divorcing a Narcissist – Strategies That Can Improve the Outcome of Your Case Dealing with a Wasteful Spouse During Divorce Parenting Time and a History of Abuse When and How You Tell Your Spouse About the Divorce Can Impact the Outcome Summer Scheduling Conflicts After Divorce or Separation A Comparison of the Four Most Common Types of Illinois Divorce Illinois Divorce Basics - Common Misconceptions on the Division of Assets Saving Money in Your Gray Divorce Failing to Follow Through on Post-Divorce Actions Can Have Lasting Financial Consequences Kids of Divorce May Feel They Have “Lost Their Childhood” – What Every Parent Should Know About Divorce Do You Need a Cohabitation Agreement? Is Your Marriage on Route to Divorce? New Report Says Relationships Are the Biggest Financial Risk to Women - How You Can Mitigate the Risk Hiding Assets Often Starts Long Before the Divorce Study Suggests Women May Experience Higher Levels of Stress Than Men During the Divorce Process Stress During Divorce Can Have a Negative Impact on Children Do Non-Traditional Roles in Marriage Increase the Risk of Divorce? Conscious Uncoupling - Is It Right for You? Valuing Intellectual Property in Divorce Divorce, Children, and Your Federal Tax Return Non-Marital Businesses and Divorce - What You Should Know Is Parental Alienation a Form of Abuse? Avoiding the Most Common Financial Mistakes in Divorce Common and Complex Divorce-Related Money Issues - Protecting Your Financial Future in the Midst of Divorce Study Shows Children of All Ages Can Benefit from Overnight Visits with Dad Safely Navigating Social Media During Your Divorce Tips for Co-Parenting with an Unreliable Parent Make These Financial Moves and Protect Your Assets during Divorce Examining the Upcoming Changes to Illinois’ Child Support Laws Divorce Planning Critical for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Marital Assets Couples Often Forget About During Their Divorce Why Hire an Attorney for Mediation? Important Considerations to Make When Discussing Divorce with Your Children Is Your Marriage Headed for Divorce? Filing Now Could Give You a Fresh Start in 2017 Legal Assistance Can Be Crucial for Divorcing Domestic Violence Victims Viewing Divorce as a Business Transaction Can Improve the Outcome Dealing with Co-Parenting Stress, Conflict, and Contention Financial Fraud in Divorce – What You Can Do to Protect Your Divorce Settlement Planning to Divorce in the New Year? Waiting to Talk to an Attorney May Not Be in Your Best Interest Recent Study Offers Some Insight on Co-Parenting Hurdles and Ideas on How to Overcome Them Coping with Divorce during the Holidays Talking to Your Children About Divorce Splitting Retirement in Divorce Can Lead to Big Tax Headaches – What You Need to Know Making the Nesting Divorce Work for Your Family The “Destination Divorce” – A Revolutionary Way to Divorce, or a Disaster in the Making? As Awareness of Parental Alienation Grows, Protecting Children from Abuse Becomes More Difficult Common but Bad Advice for Business Owners Going Through Divorce Study Suggests That Divorce May Increase Risk of Depression for Some, but Not Others Parenting Time is a Privilege – Understanding When Parenting Time May Be Restricted Eavesdropping Law Protects Private Conversations in Divorce Military Divorce: Ending Your Marriage While One Spouse is Active Duty Dissipation of Assets in Divorce – What is It and What Can You Do? How to Pursue Unpaid or Overdue Child Support Payments in Illinois Learn Ways to Raise Your Domestic Violence Prevention Awareness Divorce Basics: Gifts, Loans, and the Shared Marital Estate No Prenuptial Agreement? You Can Still Protect Your Assets in Divorce Is Retirement Age Too Late for a Divorce? Divorce and Your Child’s College Savings Should You Pursue Alimony (Spousal Support) in Your Divorce? Signs That Your Marriage Could Be Headed for Divorce Should You Litigate Your Divorce or Mediate? The Answer May Surprise You Social Media and Divorce – What You Post Online Can (and Likely Will) Be Used Against You Fathers Play a Key Role in the Social, Intellectual, and Emotional Development of Children Divorcing with Children: What Every Parent Should Know Study Finds Regret is Common After Divorce – Protect Yourself with a Dose of Perspective Dividing Your Retirement Accounts during Divorce In a Divorce, Who Gets “Custody” of the Embryos? Study Suggests the End of Summer May Be a “Peak Period” for Divorce Paying Your Child’s College Tuition After Divorce Parenting Time and Infants: Determining the Best Interest of the Child Can Be Tricky Business Could a Prenuptial Agreement Decrease Your Chances of Divorce Important Divorce Decisions: Which Assets Should You Keep, and Which Should You Sell? Developing a Parenting Plan for an Illinois Divorce Divorce and Retirement: Plan for the Future During Your Divorce Your Health and Divorce: Know the Risks and Be Prepared How Allocation of Parental Responsibility (Custody) and Parenting Time (Visitation) are Determined in Illinois Your Assets and Divorce – The Difference Between Asset Hiding and Asset Protection What is Divorce Mediation? Is It Right for Your Divorce? Tips to Help You Rise Above the Stress and Tension of Divorce Helping Your Children Survive the Changes and Stress of Divorce Protecting Your Credit Score (and Your Financial Future) During a Divorce Preparing for Your High Asset Divorce Denied Time with Your Children? You Have the Right to Assert Your Parenting Time Rights Divorce and Money: Is the Fight Really Worth the Cost? Studies Indicate Divorce Stigma is Still a Pervasive Issue Among Those in Religious Communities Division of Property, Assets, and Determination of Spousal Maintenance in High Asset Divorce Cases Can Take Years to Resolve Grandparent Rights Following Family Changes Navigating Alimony Negotiation Illinois and Allocation of Parental Responsibility: Can Children Choose Which Parent They Live with After a Divorce? Transition Tips for Divorcing Parents Parental Conflict: When You Just Can’t Work it Out Divorce Issues to Address When You are Ready to Call it Quits DuPage County Child Custody Resources and What They Can Do for You Study Links Lower Oxytocin Levels during Pregnancy to an Increased Risk of Divorce Divorce Later in Life Can Lead to Significant Financial Problems: Protect Yourself from Divorce-Induced Poverty Hidden Assets and Divorce: Panama Papers Reveal Tricks Spouses Use to Hide and Withhold Money During Divorce Proceedings Can I Change or Terminate My Spousal Maintenance Obligation Under Illinois Law? Illinois Bill Would Make Adoption Records More Transparent for Adult Adoptees Avoid the Most Common Financial Missteps to Limit Financial Pain of Divorce Illinois’ Law and the Age Restrictions on Unsupervised Children Homeschooling, Divorce, and Child Custody Avoiding the Most Commonly Made Mistakes During Your Divorce Study Reveals Four Divorce Predicting Behaviors Five Important Changes to Make After Your Divorce is Finalized Surviving Spring Break as a Divorced or Single Parent What the Child Support Enforcement Program Can Do for You Ending Child Support The Purpose of Mediation Receiving the Child Support You Need in Illinois State Divorce and Taxes What Does it Take to Succeed in Mediation? Questions You Need Answered Before Filing an Appeal Dealing With High-Conflict Communications in a Divorce Making a Plan for Your Divorce Can You be Held Responsible for Your Spouse’s Debt? Can I Take My Child Out of Illinois for a Family Vacation? How a Spouse’s Criminal Activity Can Affect the Marital Estate What You Need to Understand About Parenting Plans Do You Have to Split Your Business With Your Spouse? What Does “Best Interest of the Child” Mean? Common Techniques for Hiding and Discovering Marital Assets Protecting Your Child During a Divorce Modifying Spousal Maintenance in Illinois Divorce: Why it Matters Who Gets the House What You Need to Know About Financial Restraining Orders Common Law Marriage and Divorce in Illinois Challenges and Issues in Cases Involving Children and Same-Sex Parents The Importance of Prenuptial Agreements When You Marry After 40 Options When the Other Parent is Not Paying Child Support Reasons Your Divorce Petition May Get Thrown Out of Court The Impact of a Child’s Age on Illinois Parenting Time and Parental Responsibility Decisions Understanding Jurisdiction in Illinois Family Courts Can You Move After a Divorce? Understanding the New Illinois Family Court Procedures for Cases Involving Children Who Has to Leave the House After the Divorce Starts? Importance of Experts for High Net Worth Divorce Cases Paternity, DNA, and Child Support What Happens When Your Spouse is Wasting and Destroying Assets? What You Need to Know About Appealing Your Family Law Case Can an Illinois Divorce Court Make Me Sell My Land? Divorce Challenges for Self-Employed, High Net Worth Individuals What Happens After a Divorce? Helpful Tips for Divorcing Parents in Illinois Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me? Who Has to Pay Attorney Fees? The Role of Mediation in Illinois Divorces Custody Cases Where One Parent Lives Outside of Illinois What You Should Know Before You File for Divorce Challenging an Order of Protection in Illinois Courts Working with Your Ex-Spouse to Solve Parenting Issues Dangers and Benefits of Illinois Postnuptial Agreements Dividing Retirement Accounts in an Illinois Divorce How Domestic Violence Affects Divorce and Custody in Illinois My Spouse Lied during the Divorce: What Happens Next? How Do You Establish Paternity in Illinois? How Do I Prepare for a Deposition in a Divorce Case? Grandparents Rights to Visitation after a Divorce How Can You Find Hidden Assets in an Illinois Divorce? How Do the Recent Illinois Family Law Changes Affect Same Sex Marriages? Beyond Child Support Payments: Additional Parental Expenses Establishing Paternity How Does an Uncontested Divorce Work? How Do You Change a Child Custody Order in Illinois? How Do the New Illinois Child Custody Laws Affect Me? Changes to Parental Relocation in Illinois Who is Eligible to Adopt? Who Will Pay for College? Mediation and Divorce in Illinois Spousal Maintenance and Child Support Law Changes What Is Legal Separation? Senate Bill 57: Changes to Divorce Law in Illinois What Is a Prenuptial Agreement? Significant Changes to Family Law in Illinois Moving with Children After Divorce Custody and Visitation Across State Lines How Does Spousal Maintenance Work? Fault-Based Divorce in Illinois What Do Orders of Protection Do? Visitation and Custody Challenges Property Division Without Divorce: Postnuptial Agreements How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney Section 504 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act - Award of Maintenance The Illinois Domestic Violence Act Testimonials Contact Us Media Articles What is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce in Illinois? Your Financial Divorce Changes to Illinois Divorce Law for the New Year Is Mediation Right for My Case? What Happens When Business Partners Divorce? Post Divorce Modifications in Illinois Illinois Custody Evaluations: Are You Prepared? How Are Expert Witnesses Utilized in a Divorce? The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement How is Joint Debt Handled in an Illinois Divorce? News DuPage Family Law Attorney Selected as Top 40 Under 40 by National Trial Lawyers DuPage County Family Law Firm Launches New Website DuPage County Divorce Attorneys Recognized as 2016 Super Lawyers Wheaton Divorce Attorneys Earn 2017 Super Lawyers Recognition Wheaton Divorce Lawyer Appointed to the Illinois Supreme Court's Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) Hearing Board Resources Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Map and Directions


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  • I would highly recommend Tony Sammarco to anyone needing a divorce lawyer. He explained all my options to me and he made sure I understood the process. I am glad I had him there to help me through this difficult time.

  • Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all that Bill Stogsdill and Brett Williamson have done not only for me, but my children as well. When I first met both of these gentlemen, each presented themselves with such self-confidence. I instantly knew...

  • The Stogsdill Law Firm and I were able to obtain sole custody of my son. I am fortunate for the outcome and I am to be a father to my son. Secondly, my ex-spouse was awarded limited portion of the marital estate. Bryan Estes is more than an excellent lawyer...

  • Whenever my opinion is asked by any of my clients, friends or family regarding what law firm someone should use for their divorce my answer is always the same –The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C. The kids and I are forever indebted to Bill and his firm.

  • Bryan's ability to listen and understand my situation and then offer his advice on how we should proceed was the main reasons I hired Bryan as my attorney. That was the best decision I made, for myself and my children. Bryan helped develop action plans as well as a strategy ...

  • I wanted to thank you for your professional and respectful help with my case. Before entering your law firm, I felt as if my life might be at an end. After being greeted by your office manager, I was completely put at ease. Then after my consultation with you, I knew I was in good hands...

  • Mr. Smit has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trust worthiness to his work and to his associates. Justin certainly is an asset to your Law Firm, his organization skills are second to none. I have and will continue to recommend Justin ...

  • I recently made the life-altering decision of ending a 30 year marriage. While the support of family and friends was very important, I knew that choosing the right attorney was vital. In large part, my future would be determined by his legal advice and skills…

  • You've clearly established a client-focus in your office -- providing your clients with the warmth and understanding they need as they go through a very difficult time. Thank you, again, for all your help.

  • Taking that step to file for divorce was probably one of the most life changing decisions I have ever made. The process is very painful and emotionally draining. I retained Robert Boyd and Justin Smit of The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C...

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