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Is Your Marriage Headed for Divorce? Filing Now Could Give You a Fresh Start in 2017

Deciding whether or not to file for divorce can be a difficult, confusing, and even painful. This can be especially true for couples that still care about one another, or that have been together for a long time. Yet, even in these situations, divorce can be a positive thing. In fact, some couples who have spent years either unhappy, distant, or simply out-of-touch with one another have found a fresh, new start in life once the divorce is final. So, if you suspect that your marriage might be on the path to divorce, learn how to take that next step, and discover how to ensure your rights and interests are protected throughout the process. 

Legal Assistance Can Be Crucial for Divorcing Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence can impact people from any social class, gender, race, or income level. It can also complicate divorces far beyond that of debt and asset distribution, the allocation of parental responsibilities, and child support or alimony determination. It can place the lives of victims and their children in danger. For this reason, it is critical that every domestic violence victim seek experienced legal assistance with their divorce case. The following explains where to find this help, and how it may improve the safety of you and your children during the divorce process. 

Viewing Divorce as a Business Transaction Can Improve the Outcome

Divorce can be an emotionally difficult process, full of contention, stress, and heartbreak. It is also a process full of financial obstacles that can place your way of life at risk. Thankfully, a little perspective can help reduce this risk. More specifically, viewing your divorce as a business transaction, rather than an emotional situation, can minimize the financial strain that often accompanies divorce. This is not easy, of course, so the following provides some specific information that can help. 

Dealing with Co-Parenting Stress, Conflict, and Contention

Raising children can be a difficult job, even in the best of situations. When parents live in different homes, have different beliefs or ideals, or disagree on how a child should be raised, parenting can become a contentious situation. To make matters worse, children can feel as though they are caught in the middle. As a result, they may lash out, become withdrawn, or suffer severe emotional trauma. Protect your child, save your sanity, and learn how you can reduce the stress of co-parenting with help from the following information. 

Who Has to Leave the House After the Divorce Starts?

When two people decide to get divorced, often they already live in different places. However, both spouses may still live in the family home after a divorce has been filed. Who has to leave the home once the divorce process is underway? 

Financial Fraud in Divorce - What You Can Do to Protect Your Divorce Settlement

When going through divorce, most people would like to believe that their spouse still values their marriage enough to be honest and fair in their disclosure of assets and income. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. No one really knows how often it happens - after all, many do end up getting away with it - but the issue is common and one that you should be aware of. Learn more with help from the following information on financial fraud in divorce. 

Planning to Divorce in the New Year? Waiting to Talk to an Attorney May Not Be in Your Best Interest

While divorce can and does happen throughout the year, there is often a spike that occurs right after the holidays. Many reasons may exist for this phenomenon, but the big concern is not when the divorce happens, but rather how. Far too many couples wait until they are ready to file before contacting an attorney. Unfortunately, this may not be in their best interest. If you intend to file for divorce in the New Year, the following information can help you better understand the benefits of planning for divorce now, before the holidays are over. 

Recent Study Offers Some Insight on Co-Parenting Hurdles and Ideas on How to Overcome Them

While every family and situation is different, studies show that children typically cope best with divorce when they have a continued and healthy relationship with each parent. Studies also indicate that it is parental conflict - not the divorce itself - that can have a negative impact on a child's future relationships as an adult. This means that parents must work together, regardless of their issues with one another. Unfortunately, this can be difficult when there are barriers. A recent study examined what these barriers might be, and how families may overcome them. 

Coping with Divorce during the Holidays

Divorce is difficult at any time of the year, but it can feel especially overwhelming during the holiday season. You may find yourself feeling lonely, or missing certain traditions, or even yearning for time with your in-laws. Take heart: these painful feelings are completely normal, and they will eventually pass. In the meantime, the following can help you cope with your divorce during this holiday season. 

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