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Father of pop star's children seeks additional child support

As far as pop stars go, it's hard to name one more popular than Britney Spears. The songstress recently completed a long-running show that netted her over $137 million dollars in addition to a highly successful world tour. Spears' ex, Kevin Federline, who has full custody of the couple's two children, is reportedly seeking additional child support in light of his former wife's increased income. The couple could be headed to court soon, just like any Illinois couple would do that is seeking an order of support modification. 

Illinois child support calculation now uses a new method

While most parents want to have a hand in sharing the cost for their children's needs, figuring out exactly how to do so can be daunting. In Illinois, the state has adopted a new method for calculating child support that uses an income shares approach. The hope for this new method is that it is more equitable and shares the responsibility between both parents. 

Failure to pay child support comes with consequences in Illinois

Each parent has a duty to his or her child to help the child thrive and live a healthy lifestyle. When parents divorce, often there is a non-custodial parent -- the parent who has the children less than half of the time. In many cases, that non-custodial parent will be ordered by the court to pay child support in order for the child to have the financial means to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, sometimes, the non-custodial parent fails to pay the support payments. In Illinois, failure to pay child support results in consequences.

Can You Deny Parenting Time if Your Ex Falls Behind on Child Support Payments?

Illinois law states that children have the right to receive support from both of their parents; this includes financial support. Unfortunately, some parents struggle to care for themselves financially. Perhaps they have a spending problem, or maybe they simply cannot hold a job. Whatever the reasons for their shortcomings, failure to pay child support can negatively impact their child and the receiving parent. It can also spark feelings of anger and frustration in the receiving parent, which may cause them to make choices that might cause them more harm than good. 

Examining the Upcoming Changes to Illinois' Child Support Laws

Unmarried parents and those going through divorce often seek child support through the courts. Historically, this has been based upon the number of children the parents share and the amount of parenting time each parent receives has been given little consideration. New changes to Illinois' child support laws, which are set to take effect July 2017, are expected to change this. Learn more about these changes and how they may affect your child support or divorce case. 

How to Pursue Unpaid or Overdue Child Support Payments in Illinois

Child support may seem like a burden to some payers, but receiving parents know the truth. That monthly allotment can make all the difference in the world. It can help to offset the expense of raising a child, and may even help to ensure there is enough money for extracurricular activities, medical bills, or tuition. What do you do, though, when the child's other parent is not paying their court-ordered child support? There are actually a number of options - some of which may be more favorable than others. The following information explains further. 

What the Child Support Enforcement Program Can Do for You

If you are a single parent in DuPage County who is struggling to provide for your child due to an absent parent, you are not alone. Parents all throughout the county and Illinois State have found themselves in need of child support services whether the other parent is in the picture or not.

Ending Child Support

It is often believed that child support payments automatically end once a child becomes a legal adult, which is widely known to occur at 18 years of age. However, that is not the truth in every situation. There are several occasions in which child support payments would not stop.

Receiving the Child Support You Need in Illinois State

Filing for divorce and undergoing the aftermath of the process takes an emotional toll on the whole family. Additional arrangements that come with separation such as parenting time (visitation), allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody), and child support can add to your stress levels significantly. If children are in the picture, all of these issues are important to the wellbeing of both you and your spouse, and of course, your children. 

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