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Should I include discipline and religion in my parenting plan?

Your parenting plan is a flexible document for you and your child's other parent to put in place agreements for how you'll raise your child -- or children -- together. Having a solid parenting plan helps to ensure you are both on the same page and will hopefully reduce the chances of having serious disagreements over parenting choices later on down the road.

The divorce experience is a little different than in the movies

Movies and television shows have a tendency to take life's monumental events and resolve them neatly in a few minutes or hours. Because of time constraints, movies are forced to adapt some generalizations about life. Unfortunately, for many people, movies form the way they look at the world. Then when the time comes that they face a divorce, some individuals may already have unrealistic expectations about how, when and how quickly things will happen. For folks in Illinois, it can be helpful to remember that movies don't really say it all when it comes to breaking up. 

Illinois child support calculation now uses a new method

While most parents want to have a hand in sharing the cost for their children's needs, figuring out exactly how to do so can be daunting. In Illinois, the state has adopted a new method for calculating child support that uses an income shares approach. The hope for this new method is that it is more equitable and shares the responsibility between both parents. 

Property division includes the overlooked items, like rewards

Like it or not, for many individuals, divorce is a fact of life. Attitudes about ending a marriage are also changing, with 73 percent of people reporting no moral objections to divorce in a 2017 Gallup poll. For many people, this life milestone signifies the end of the relationship and confronting the property division process that accompanies it. In Illinois, some couples will also have to separate property that is less often initially thought of during a divorce, like rewards points. 

Family law statistics reveal top locations for divorce

For many, a marriage does not always go the way one initially expects. Although many start the journey to marriage with the idea of living together happily ever after, the reality is that many marriages end in family law court. Researchers have been looking into the facts surrounding divorce and have come up with the top 25 locations where couples typically end it. While no city in Illinois made the top 25, individuals living in the state are still likely to be affected by marital dissolution at some point in their lives. 

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