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Sharing child custody can be an unexpected blessing

Some people dread the thought of the two-house Christmas. Any holiday can give a divorced parent a feeling of apprehension, knowing that they will have to share the day with their co-parent, but sharing child custody actually has its perks. Co-parents in Illinois can open their minds to the unexpected benefits of sharing the kids over the holidays and actually reap the rewards of sharing the workload.

Some families find that shared child custody works best for their situation. Some people choose to live near one another, and send the kids back and forth, with the children spending three days at one house, and then four days at  the other. An arrangement like this allows both parents to have time with the child, and it provides a predictable stability for the family. For important holidays and celebrations, a family could choose to alternate where the child wakes up and with whom the time is spent. 

Communication will continue to be a valuable tool for families that have made the split. A good communication plan will allow families to stay on the same page with parenting methods, and it will enable flexibility. When it comes to holidays and celebrations, communication also allows the family to prevent things like doubling up and purchasing the same gifts twice. 

The unexpected benefits of sharing child custody are that the individual can have some extra time away from the kids to complete important tasks such as shopping for gifts. The burden of the holiday preparation is spread over two households, and when the kids are away with the other parent, he or she is able to pursue other needs, wants or even take a nap. Getting to the final custody agreement can take some communication and planning. In Illinois, a family law attorney may be able to help the individual pursue the best custody plan for his or her needs.

Source:, "Two-House Christmas: Parenting After Divorce", Lara Lillibridge, Dec. 25, 2017

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