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January 2017 Archives

Safely Navigating Social Media During Your Divorce

In divorce, nearly anything you say or do can be used against you. This rule also applies to your social media account. Unfortunately, far too many divorcees do not understand this and end up jeopardizing their case. Avoid making this same mistake by learning how to safely navigate social media during divorce. 

Tips for Co-Parenting with an Unreliable Parent

Most parents want to spend time with their children, even after divorce or separation. This may apply, even if the other parent seems unreliable or uninterested in the child's welfare. Unfortunately, dealing with such a parent can be a stressful situation for both you and your child. Further, any failure on your part to adhere to the parenting plan, or to make an effort to include the other parent, can land you in legal trouble. Protect your child's emotional well-being and your personal welfare when dealing with an unreliable co-parent by using the following co-parenting tips. 

Make These Financial Moves and Protect Your Assets during Divorce

Divorce is more than just an emotionally complex situation; it is a process that can financially devastate anyone, including those with a high net worth. On one hand, those that have built a fortune could stand to lose more than half of their marital estate. This is because Illinois is considered an equitable distribution state, so assets are distributed "fairly" in divorce, not equally. On the other hand, you could have a spouse that tries to hide or deplete assets to keep a disadvantaged spouse in the dark. Either situation could have a significant impact on the financial future of one or both parties. Reduce your risk of experiencing such a fate and learn how to protect your assets in divorce with help from the following tips. 

Examining the Upcoming Changes to Illinois' Child Support Laws

Unmarried parents and those going through divorce often seek child support through the courts. Historically, this has been based upon the number of children the parents share and the amount of parenting time each parent receives has been given little consideration. New changes to Illinois' child support laws, which are set to take effect July 2017, are expected to change this. Learn more about these changes and how they may affect your child support or divorce case. 

Divorce Planning Critical for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Divorce can be an expensive undertaking for anyone, but entrepreneurs and business owners are at an especially high risk for financial complications. Thankfully, divorce planning can (and often does) help mitigate this risk. Learn more about how you can effectively prepare for your divorce, and why an experienced divorce lawyer is critical in this process. 

Marital Assets Couples Often Forget About During Their Divorce

Before a couple's assets can be divided during divorce, every asset, debt, and financial obligation must be valued. Of course, if you are like most divorcees, you will automatically consider the larger things, such as your home, vehicle, businesses and bank accounts. Have you thought of everything, though? The following covers some of the most commonly forgotten assets, and explains how you can ensure you receive an accurate valuation of your marital estate. 

Why Hire an Attorney for Mediation?

Though couples do not need an attorney for mediation, many divorcees do choose to secure legal representation through the process. Why might you need one, and what benefits can they offer in your case? The following information explains, and provides you with some key details on how to select the right lawyer for your Illinois divorce mediation. 

Important Considerations to Make When Discussing Divorce with Your Children

There are many ways to talk to children about divorce, and no one way is necessary "right." However, there are some things that parents can do to help improve their child's reaction to the conversation. This positive start can also improve a child's overall adjustment during the divorce process. Show your child that your family will survive and use the following considerations when talking to your child about the impending divorce. 

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