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April 2016 Archives

Illinois' Law and the Age Restrictions on Unsupervised Children

As a married couple, you and your spouse might not have given much thought to if or when it would be appropriate to leave your child at home. Maybe your schedules worked in a way that at least one of you would always be home. Or, maybe you simply had enough to cover child care expenses. However, as a newly single parent, these former practices might not be available anymore. As such, you may be faced with wondering if your mature but minor child can be left at home after school or during summer break until you make it home. Know where the law stands and how it might apply to your child custody case. 

Homeschooling, Divorce, and Child Custody

Recently, the Journal Star reported that the number of Illinois parents choosing to homeschool is increasing. The reasons are varied, as are the methods, but sentiment is usually the same: parents who choose to homeschool feel they are best suited to meet their children's educational needs. However, what happens if that couple decides to divorce and, during the process, one parent decides that homeschooling is no longer the best educational path for their children? Who gets to decide? 

Avoiding the Most Commonly Made Mistakes During Your Divorce

While every divorce is different, there are common mistakes that many couples make. Sadly, these very same blunders can lead to an unfavorable outcome and, in some instances, may cost you more than either party had ever bargained. Know what they are and how you can best avoid them during your divorce. 

Study Reveals Four Divorce Predicting Behaviors

Couples do not get married with the intent of eventually filing for divorce, yet it happens to approximately 2,000 couples per year. A psychologist at the University of Washington and founder of the Gottman Institute says he and a colleague at the University of California at Berkeley can predict which ones it might happen to with an accuracy of about 93 percent. They reportedly did so by identifying four behaviors commonly found in the relationships of divorcing couples. 

Five Important Changes to Make After Your Divorce is Finalized

The divorce process is not an easy one; all-encompassing and emotionally draining, it can upheave almost every aspect of the lives of all involved. However, changes do not end simply because the divorce is finalized. In fact, there are quite a few critical alterations that must be made shortly after, preferably as soon as the ink on the decree is dry. Failure to do so can have a significant impact on your future and the future of your children. Avoid this all too common pitfall by knowing what you should change (and why) immediately after your divorce. 

Surviving Spring Break as a Divorced or Single Parent

As more and more schools move to a schedule that is year-round, your children may have a longer school vacation for their spring break. Whether their break stretches only for one week or two or more weeks, parents who work need to plan well in advance in order to provide care for the children during their times off from school.

What the Child Support Enforcement Program Can Do for You

If you are a single parent in DuPage County who is struggling to provide for your child due to an absent parent, you are not alone. Parents all throughout the county and Illinois State have found themselves in need of child support services whether the other parent is in the picture or not.

Ending Child Support

It is often believed that child support payments automatically end once a child becomes a legal adult, which is widely known to occur at 18 years of age. However, that is not the truth in every situation. There are several occasions in which child support payments would not stop.

The Purpose of Mediation

Whether you are just now becoming acquainted with the term mediation as you enter the divorce process or you have heard stories about it from family or friends, there is one thing you should know: mediation can be a productive, effective tool for problem resolution. Not everyone agrees on everything when filing for a divorce, and the primary purpose of mediation in family law is to allow both parties a platform in which they can present their thoughts, requests, and concerns before a professional in order to establish fair, mutual agreements. 

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