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February 2016 Archives

How a Spouse's Criminal Activity Can Affect the Marital Estate

All too often, the breakdown of a marriage occurs because of behavior by one spouse that the other spouse deems as unacceptable. The behavior or activity that is taking place may be behavior of which the other spouse was unaware. This is often the case when a spouse is arrested for criminal activity, such as white collar crimes or sexual offenses. The other spouse may find the charges so reprehensible that he or she decides to immediately file for divorce. However, questions are then raised with regard to the money the accused spouse may need for legal fees and fines, and how those funds affect the division of the marital estate. 

What You Need to Understand About Parenting Plans

In your family law case, you and your child's other parent will be expected to complete and submit a temporary parenting plan to the court. The parenting plan will often affect your life and the life of your family on a day-to-day basis. 

Do You Have to Split Your Business With Your Spouse?

Several kinds of assets are easy to divide between the spouses in a divorce. However, determining out how to divide a business is complicated. Most businesses cannot simply be divided up without damaging or destroying their value. 

What Does "Best Interest of the Child" Mean?

In every family law case involving children, the judge is required to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. The phrase "best interests of the child" can seem vague and difficult to understand. However, when judges are evaluating parenting time and allocation of parental rights options, there are many factors that are always considered. 

Common Techniques for Hiding and Discovering Marital Assets

When an individual believes that a divorce is unavoidable, he or she may panic. As a result, he or she may try to hide money or assets to avoid losing them in the divorce. If your spouse is playing games with your family finances, it then puts you at a disadvantage. However, there are teams of experts who are trained to detect fraudulent financial activity in a divorce, and to find missing assets. 

Protecting Your Child During a Divorce

A contentious divorce can be hard on everyone involved. However, children are especially vulnerable. If there is a dispute over the allocation of parental responsibilities in a divorce, the parents need to work hard to protect their children from feeling like they are pawns, or that they have to choose between their parents.

Modifying Spousal Maintenance in Illinois

As part of a final divorce decree a judge may award spousal maintenance. However, that order may not be the final word on the matter. Both sides may be able to come back to the court to ask for a modification of the original order. 

Divorce: Why it Matters Who Gets the House

In the early stages of a divorce there is often a lot of positioning to see who will be awarded the marital residence. However, the fight regarding who gets the house is about much more than just the house itself. Possession of the house is also linked to almost every other area of the divorce. 

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