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Despite what you see on TV and in the movies, not all divorces are contentious and hostile. Many couples want a way to end their marriage; however, they still want to have a positive relationship with each other after the divorce. This is where collaborative divorcecan help.

How Collaborative Divorce Works

Instead of both sides fighting against each other and trying to convince the judge to take their side on all of the issues, the parties work together to find a solution with which they are both happy. Like mediation, collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution tool.


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Who Has to Pay Attorney Fees?

DuPage County family law lawyer, pay attorney feesThe general rule in Illinois court cases is that each side pays his or her own attorney fees. However, in family law cases, judges have a lot of power to decide if one side should contribute to the other side's attorney fees.

The Court's Power in the Initial Proceedings

Family law cases are held in equity. Therefore, a judge is charged with making fair decisions. Still, this does not mean that things have to be split evenly. Instead, judges look at all of the circumstances and make decisions after taking all factors into account.


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Divorce cases can be some of the most difficult cases to settle. Emotions are often intense on both sides. Moreover, both spouses may feel they are fighting for what is right and what is best for the children. However, when a case goes to trial, many times neither side wins. Mediation, however, offers an opportunity for the two sides to find a way to settle the divorce in a way that is beneficial for both spouses.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is a way to resolve a legal dispute outside of the formal court process. Unlike a settlement conference where the judge is often pressuring the two sides to come to an agreement, the judge is not involved at all in mediation.


A divorce can be an emotional roller coaster. Not only are you officially ending a relationship, but you may also be fighting for your financial future and the future of your children. Therefore, before you file for divorce in Illinois, you will need to be prepared.

Planning Ahead

If you are planning on filing for divorce or you believe your spouse is planning to file, you will need to gather as many financial documents as you can. Important documents include bank statements, the last three years of your tax returns, statements for any retirement accounts, and any statements for debts.


After a divorce or child custody case has ended, the real struggle is often just beginning. Parenting timeissues are among the most common reasons family law cases end up back in court. However, when parents are able to work out parenting time differences, their child's life and their own will be less stressful, and additional finances will not be spent going back to court.

Types of Parenting Issues

Life is often much more complicated than a simple parenting plan can anticipate. When a child is sick, or has a school obligation, what happens to the other parent's parenting time? Life for both adults and children is so full that rescheduling parenting time can be difficult.

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