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DuPage County divorce attorney for marital assets and debtsThe choice to get a divorce can be a difficult decision to make, but it can ultimately be a positive step that allows you to leave a relationship that is not working and begin a fresh start to your life. As you begin taking the steps to file for divorce, it is important to be prepared for the changes that you will experience in your life. Divorce can cause a variety of difficulties for your personal finances if you are not careful. However, if you go into your divorce with a clear head and a qualified divorce lawyer, you will have a much better chance of coming out of your marriage in a stable position. As you proceed with the divorce process, here are some tips to help keep your finances in order:

Make a Budget

Your life will change in many ways after your divorce has been finalized. You will likely be in a different living situation, and you may need to make adjustments in order to be able to support yourself on a single income. You can ensure that you will be able to maintain financial stability by making a projected budget of your living expenses after the divorce. This should include rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, health insurance, auto or renter’s insurance, groceries, gasoline, and any other regular expenditures. If the income you earn will not fully cover all of your expenses, you may need to find new living arrangements or determine other ways you can cut costs.

Divide Marital Possessions Fairly

During your divorce, you and your spouse will need to determine how to divide your marital property in a fair manner. Illinois is not a community property state, so couples are not required to split assets 50-50. Instead, Illinois follows the principle of “equitable division,” which means that property is divided fairly, based on factors such as the needs of each party and the contributions that each spouse made to the marriage. You should be able to retain ownership of a fair portion of the property you and your ex-spouse own together, and if necessary, you can sell or liquidate some of these assets following the completion of your divorce.


DuPage County parenting time attorneyNot all divorces are the same. Some partners break up amicably and are able to remain friends, while for other couples, this is simply not possible. Even if you are not a fan of your ex, it is helpful to try to remain civil, not only for your own sanity but for your friends and family as well. By working to maintain a good relationship with your ex-spouse, you can help avoid difficult emotions, especially when your former spouse moves on and begins a relationship with a new partner. A positive relationship can be crucial for the well-being of your children. 

Working Together for the Sake of Your Children

It is natural to feel anger or jealousy about your ex’s new relationship. It can be hard to see your ex with a new partner, even if you have a new love interest of your own. However, there are ways to maintain peace between you and your ex to keep your children’s best interests in mind. Here are some tips to help alleviate tension so you can get along better with your ex and also your ex’s new partner:

  • Work on controlling negative emotions: Think before you speak to avoid saying anything out of anger or rage. It is important to not make yourself look petty or miserable by talking negatively about your ex or their new relationship, especially around or to your children.


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DuPage County order of protection attorney

Ending your marriage can not only be a painful process, but without proper planning, divorce can also be expensive. Fortunately, you have options for how you can complete your divorce, and you can take steps to keep the costs down and dissolve your marriage efficiently and cost-effectively. If you want to ensure that your divorce is completed effectively without breaking the bank, consider the tips below:

Avoid a Trial

The costs of divorce litigation can be very high, and when you need to make multiple appearances in court, legal fees and attorney expenses can add up quickly. To avoid this, you can work with your divorce lawyer and your ex-spouse to settle your case outside of court. You and your former partner may also choose to use mediation to settle your outstanding issues. When you participate in this process, you will work with a neutral third-party mediator to reach an agreement. 


Naperville adoption attorneyThe choice to end your marriage and get a divorce is a decision that affects your finances, your relationships with family and friends, and most importantly, yourself. It is a decision most people spend a long time contemplating before they decide to announce that they want to separate from their partner. However, when the time does come to discuss divorce with your partner, you will want to make sure you approach this conversation the right way. Here are a few tips to make this discussion go as smoothly as possible:

Timing Is Important

When you know your relationship is beyond reconciliation, you can make the mature decision to end the relationship and detach yourself from your partner. You will likely want to complete the divorce process as smoothly as possible, ending your marriage without hurting your spouse. When you are ready to let your partner know that you would like to get divorced, choose a time when your partner is capable of receiving such emotional news. If they are stressed at work or are going through personal family problems, try to wait until those difficulties are over. While there is no perfect time to announce a break-up, some times are better than others, and you should consider your partner’s feelings as you determine the ideal time to make the announcement.

Find an Intimate Space

Announcing you want a divorce will probably lead to a lot of questions and deep conversation. When planning for this type of discussion, you do not want to be in a crowded space with a lot of noise or somewhere where your children are likely to be present. Ideally, you should block out time for a long conversation in an appropriate place. If you are participating in couples’ therapy, your therapist’s office can provide a safe place to tell your partner you want a divorce. In addition, the therapist can help guide the discussion in a constructive way and work to create healthy boundaries between you and your partner.


Naperville divorce attorney financesIt is a sad statistic, but over 50% of marriages will end in divorce. Ending your marriage is not something that you decide to do spontaneously, but a decision that is weighed heavily before you act upon it. If you are planning on a divorce, it is important to think ahead and prepare for what you want your life to look like after the divorce has been finalized. This will help you avoid making irrational decisions and make sure that you come out of the situation with a plan for success. You will want to be sure to consider the following areas:


It is important to have a firm understanding of your financial situation before you file for divorce. This is necessary so that you know how much you will need in order to live independently. If you are seeking spousal maintenance (alimony) or expect to receive child support, you should consider how these payments will factor into your overall financial situation, but it is best to plan conservatively and limit your expenses as much as possible. Even if your divorce is mutual, both you and your former spouse will each be trying to gain as much financial advantage as possible, so you will want to be prepared for multiple possible outcomes.

Job Security

Regardless of how much alimony or child support you may receive, it is important to develop your own financial independence. If it seems that you might struggle to make ends meet on a single income, consider going back to school or enrolling in a work-training program to further your job qualifications. If you start your training or school before beginning the divorce process, the money spent to further these goals may be considered marital expenses rather than separate expenses.

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