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wheaton divorce lawyerDivorce is commonplace in 2021, and many couples may be tempted to handle the filing, negotiating, and property settlement for themselves. When a couple is separating amicably, it may seem that the divorce process is fairly straightforward and they believe they will be able to come to a mutual resolution without help from a divorce attorney. Couples may also believe they can save themselves significant time and expense by handling the divorce themselves. 

Regardless of how legitimate the reasons for wanting to avoid hiring a lawyer may be, the truth is that handling the divorce process yourself can actually end up costing you more time and money. Divorce law is complex, and it is easy to make mistakes that are very costly in the short and long term. Clerks and judges are not permitted to give you legal advice. If you decide not to hire an attorney, you are truly on your own. 

Why Hire a Professional Divorce Attorney? 

  • Avoid Financial Mistakes – Divorce, no matter how simple it may seem, causes substantial changes to your overall financial picture. Shared bank accounts, credit cards, and major debt like car loans and mortgages will all play a role in your divorce. Likewise, retirement accounts or Social Security benefits can complicate a couple’s financial picture. You do not want to be surprised with unexpected loss from investment accounts or find yourself shelling out big bucks to avoid selling your home. A good divorce attorney will help you avoid common financial pitfalls while simultaneously helping you make financial decisions that will benefit you in the long run. 


wheaton divorce lawyerDivorce can be a traumatic event for children, but there are things parents can do to make the process easier. Staying connected to their child during and after the divorce is the priority of most parents, and studies show that children with involved parents tend to do much better throughout their entire life. Here, we explore some of the best ways parents in Illinois can remain close with their children after a divorce.  

Be Assertive in the Relationship

Kids sometimes react unpredictably following a divorce. They may become withdrawn, surly, and even directly tell you they don’t want to talk to you. Nevertheless, a parent who remains stubbornly in pursuit of a loving relationship with their child is more likely to achieve success in the long run. 

Make Your Home a Place They Want to Be

Parents don’t have to spoil or overindulge their children while creating a warm, loving home. Basic measures will go a long way towards making your home a happy place that children want to be. Keeping things clean and organized will contribute to a peaceful, stable environment. Having regular family dinners will show you care about their well-being. Showing respect for their other parent – at a minimum, not trashing-talking them – will help your child feel more comfortable being around you. 


wheaton divorce lawyerMaking the decision to get divorced is never easy. Divorcing parents have to balance a tricky line between honesty, self-advocacy, and doing what is best for the kids – all while managing their household and keeping their career afloat. Add the potential conflict and hostility of divorce, and you’ve got a complex situation with no perfect solution. 

In this blog, we will look at some of the strategies experts recommend for discussing this sensitive subject with children. Be sure to also read our next blog for ways you can protect your children during the divorce proceedings. 

Make Sure Your Kids Hear it From You First

During the stages preceding the official divorce filing, parents are often navigating personal differences that result in feelings of anger and hostility. These issues can leak out of the marriage and into the couples’ shared social network. Friends may take sides or gossip without knowing little ears are listening in. 


dupage county divorce lawyerThe overwhelming majority of divorce cases end in a settlement. This means that the couple is able to come to an agreement about various divorce issues without having to go to trial. However, court involvement may be necessary if spouses cannot reach an agreement. If the case does end up going to court, the couple will no longer have the final say over the decisions made -- a judge will. The judge will make determinations that are in line with the law, but before they can do that, they have to understand all of the facts of the case. This is typically done by each spouse’s attorney presenting evidence, but in some cases, expert witnesses can also be called to the stand to give testimony about certain issues. A consulting expert may provide insight and help your attorney build a strong claim before the case advances to trial.  

Property Division Issues

During the property division process, the judge will use a variety of factors to determine how the couple’s marital property will be distributed amongst the two of them. These factors include things such as each spouse’s income and earning potential, how long the marriage lasted, what the potential tax consequences of distribution may be, and the age and health of each spouse. In order to provide the judge with accurate information, your attorney may put an expert witness on the stand to allow them to give their opinion on your situation. Many times, expert witnesses are forensic accountants or financial analysts who can speak about issues relating to property division, such as asset valuation and developing a basis for the couple’s standard of living during the marriage. 

Child-Related Issues

Experts can also be useful in cases involving child custody disputes. In many cases, these experts are child psychologists, parenting coordinators, family counselors, or even child custody evaluators. These expert witnesses can help paint the picture that you want to convey to the judge by providing their opinion on child-related issues, such as parenting time and decision-making responsibilities.


Wheaton, IL divorce attorney for child issuesThe silver lining of a separation or divorce is the possibility of meeting someone new. If you have found love after a failed marriage, you are probably eager to start your new life with this person. If you are a parent, this may include introducing your new partner to your children. The introduction of a new romantic interest after a separation can sometimes be difficult for children to handle, so it is important to be intentional about this event.

Wait Until You Are Divorced

For many people, a marriage is over long before the couple actually finalizes their divorce. If you are separated or soon will be, you and your spouse may have been sleeping in separate bedrooms and living separate lives for months or even years. You may understandably be eager to start dating someone new. However, dating before your divorce is complete can exacerbate the stress, confusion, and uncertainty that your children experience during the divorce process. It can also have potential consequences on the outcome of your divorce. For example, if you spend money on gifts or vacations with your new partner, your spouse may accuse you of dissipating assets, which can affect property division during divorce.

Go Slowly and Do Not Force a Relationship

You are probably excited for your children to develop a relationship with your new partner. However, trying to rush a relationship can backfire. Sometimes, children may resent a new romantic interest in their parent’s life. They may feel threatened or assume that the new partner is trying to replace the other parent. Give your kids time to adjust to the new partner slowly. You may want to introduce the partner at a group gathering so there is less pressure on the children.

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