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Don't fear divorce; it could mean the marriage did its job

Some people may reflect on the end of a marriage as a personal failure. However, experts challenge people to reframe the concept of marriage and divorce. A marriage that ends in divorce may be considered successful if it has helped both parties grow as individuals. When an individual in Illinois contemplates divorce, he or she can feel that the move is a success and may then be able to focus on the strategies of effectively closing out a marriage. 

Divorce doesn't have to mean that college savings are done for

A college education is one of the most significant costs for a parent raising a child. Many Illinois parents are able to save money for their children's college tuition through hard work and planning. If the parents decide to divorce, the breakup can affect the college fund. If there is only one pot to draw from, certain living expenses must come first. 

Gray divorce may come with financial considerations

More and more people over 50 are deciding to end their marriages. Even as divorce numbers shrink for other age groups, people nearing retirement age are divorcing in rising numbers. When a person reaches retirement age, he or she will likely need a plan to provide for financial needs. A person in Illinois who is not familiar with the family finances may need to learn about retirement investments during and after the divorce process. 

Marital issues can be untangled during divorce

Some couples choose to rely on the help of outside professionals when the time comes to end the marriage. An objective outside observer can guide an individual going through an emotional breakup and also provide useful coping strategies. Some Illinois couples use a couples therapist as part of a complete divorce support team. 

After divorce, who gets the family pet?

A recent trend shows that many individuals see pets differently these days. In the past, if a couple was headed toward divorce, pets were treated as property and divided as such. These days, more divorces are being battled out over who will get custody of the family pet, who is often treated more like a family member and less like an object. Legal trends are evolving to reflect these behaviors. In Illinois, a person facing a pet custody dispute may wonder what the options are. 

The divorce experience is a little different than in the movies

Movies and television shows have a tendency to take life's monumental events and resolve them neatly in a few minutes or hours. Because of time constraints, movies are forced to adapt some generalizations about life. Unfortunately, for many people, movies form the way they look at the world. Then when the time comes that they face a divorce, some individuals may already have unrealistic expectations about how, when and how quickly things will happen. For folks in Illinois, it can be helpful to remember that movies don't really say it all when it comes to breaking up. 

Divorce tips can help offset financial costs

People expect the emotional sting of a breakup, the heartbreak, the loss of the dream from happily ever after, but what they don't always expect is the financial toll. A divorce can bring fees and unexpected costs as a person moves through it and toward a life on his or her own. People in Illinois may be inspired by reading this list of common recommendations for individuals going through a divorce to help ease the financial cost. 

A divorce checklist can work for some

At the time when one decides to end a marriage, there are practical steps to take along with all the emotional processing. Some individuals have found it helpful to collect a list of divorce tips they have found helpful. Individuals considering divorce in Illinois may wish to apply some of the relevant suggestions as they undergo the process of marital dissolution. 

Divorce: Facing the financial realities

Whether an individual sees the end of a marriage as a bitter end or a new chance to start over will depend on the exact circumstances surrounding the situation. Either way, at the end of a marriage, a person will likely come face to face with the current financial reality and questions of how to best move forward. Illinois residents who are considering divorce may find some helpful tips from a recent news article about post-marital finances. 

Protecting Your Retirement During an Illinois Divorce

The financial implications of divorce are well-known and, for some, highly feared. In fact, studies indicate that it takes an average of five years to financially recover. Still, it is not just a couple's immediate funds that are affected; retirement accounts, which are often considered a part of the marital estate in divorce, may also be affected. Learn how you can mitigate against the damage with help from the following information. 

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