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Divorce tips can help offset financial costs

People expect the emotional sting of a breakup, the heartbreak, the loss of the dream from happily ever after, but what they don't always expect is the financial toll. A divorce can bring fees and unexpected costs as a person moves through it and toward a life on his or her own. People in Illinois may be inspired by reading this list of common recommendations for individuals going through a divorce to help ease the financial cost. 

A divorce checklist can work for some

At the time when one decides to end a marriage, there are practical steps to take along with all the emotional processing. Some individuals have found it helpful to collect a list of divorce tips they have found helpful. Individuals considering divorce in Illinois may wish to apply some of the relevant suggestions as they undergo the process of marital dissolution. 

Divorce: Facing the financial realities

Whether an individual sees the end of a marriage as a bitter end or a new chance to start over will depend on the exact circumstances surrounding the situation. Either way, at the end of a marriage, a person will likely come face to face with the current financial reality and questions of how to best move forward. Illinois residents who are considering divorce may find some helpful tips from a recent news article about post-marital finances. 

Protecting Your Retirement During an Illinois Divorce

The financial implications of divorce are well-known and, for some, highly feared. In fact, studies indicate that it takes an average of five years to financially recover. Still, it is not just a couple's immediate funds that are affected; retirement accounts, which are often considered a part of the marital estate in divorce, may also be affected. Learn how you can mitigate against the damage with help from the following information. 

Delaying Divorce to Avoid Losing Health Insurance? You May Have an Alternative

Recent changes in America's health care system has many citizens on edge, particularly when it comes to their health insurance coverage. The issue is so concerning, in fact, that some couples are delaying divorce. Thankfully, there may be other options. The following information explains these options, and it provides some tips on ensuring that your rights are well protected during an Illinois divorce. 

What Happens When Your Spouse Refuses to Sign the Divorce Papers?

Divorce is rarely easy, and it is not typically something that people want to endure. Still, it is sometimes necessary to ensure the happiness of both parties. So, while some spouses may experience initial resistance when they ask for a divorce, the matter is typically resolved with time. What happens, though, when the issue does not resolve, and a spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers? Are you then stuck in your marriage, or are there other strategies you can employ? Rest assured: divorce may still be an option; it may just look a little different than you expected. 

Deciding Whether to Settle or Litigate in a High Net Worth Divorce

When facing a high net-worth divorce, parties may question the "best" possible path. Should they go through mediation and settle? Is litigation the answer? Deciding is not always easy. Each case is unique, and the exact details do have a significant influence on the more appropriate path. Still, some considerations can help you in weighing the pros and cons of each option. The following information offers some guidance, and it explains where and why you should seek assistance before making a final decision. 

Examining the Most Common Mistakes Women Make During Divorce

Family dynamics have changed significantly over the last few decades, but there are still areas where women remain at a disadvantaged. One prime example is when they embark on divorce. Thankfully, women can mitigate against their risks in divorce. The key is to know what the most common mistakes are, and how to avoid them. The following explains further and provides some details on where to find assistance. 

What is a No-Fault Divorce, and Why Does It Matter?

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) underwent a substantial overhaul in 2016, but many couples still do not fully understand what these changes mean. More specifically, the impact and implications of a "pure" no-fault divorce are often misunderstood. Learn more about no-fault divorces, including what they are and why it matters. 

Money Troubles in Marriage May Lead to a Contentious Divorce

Arguments, disagreements, or even silent troubles over money in marriage are extremely common in America. That is because most couples are not sure how to broach the subject, yet even those who attempt to work through their money issues often feel as if at least one of them always walks away from the conversation feeling angry, hurt, taken advantage of, or ignored. Unfortunately, if the issues are never resolved, the couple then becomes at an increased risk for divorce. Worse yet, the issues that plagued them in marriage may also find their way into the courtroom. 

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