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Shared child custody may have benefits for children

Most families want to do the best they can for their children. A family in which the parents are going through a divorce may struggle to find the right balance for parenting now that the parents live separately. In the past, many child custody agreements tended to be one-sided, with one parent retaining the children most of the time. New evidence about the children of divorced parents is changing custody trends, however. Individuals in Illinois facing divorce may be interested to learn more about the possible benefits of shared custody. 

Sharing child custody can be an unexpected blessing

Some people dread the thought of the two-house Christmas. Any holiday can give a divorced parent a feeling of apprehension, knowing that they will have to share the day with their co-parent, but sharing child custody actually has its perks. Co-parents in Illinois can open their minds to the unexpected benefits of sharing the kids over the holidays and actually reap the rewards of sharing the workload.

Child custody during the holidays

The most wonderful times of the year can be a little stressful, too. In between enjoying the company of family and celebrations comes the hustle and friction also. For families undergoing divorce in Illinois, that stress can sometimes be amplified. A detailed child custody plan along with a pinch of positivity may be the soothing balm for holiday flare-ups. 

Study Suggests Children of Divorce Are More Likely to Suffer from Obesity Later in Life

Obesity is a pandemic issue that costs Americans billions in healthcare costs each year. It can also increase one's risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity-related conditions. In short, is a killer and a thief. Thankfully, things have slowly started to turn around; people are becoming more aware of what they eat and how often they exercise. They are taking back control over their health. 

Is Divorce Causing Excessive Stress for Your Child?

While divorce is stressful for everyone involved, it is children who are at the greatest risk for serious mental and emotional complications. Knowing this, parents are encouraged to do everything they can to monitor and protect their children. Learn how to recognize stress in your child, understand your options for dealing with it, and know where to seek support. 

Could Divorce Negatively Impact a Child's Health?

Although the divorce rate has fallen over the last several years, there are still many families that separate each year. When a child is at the center of that family, parents often worry if the divorce will negatively impact the mental and emotional health of their child. Countless studies suggest this could be the case, including a recent one that was supported by the National Institute for Mental Health, but there may be less to worry about than the experts let on - especially if parents know how to mitigate against the possible risks. 

Stress During Divorce Can Have a Negative Impact on Children

Divorce can be painful and difficult for everyone involved, but children tend to be the most vulnerable to emotional trauma during the process. Further, children are at a higher risk for long-term negative effects from divorce. A new study indicates that stress may be one of the biggest factors. Learn how to mitigate this issue for your child during your divorce with help from the following information. 

Is Parental Alienation a Form of Abuse?

Every child deserves a healthy and loving relationship with both of their parents. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In some cases, it is because one parent truly is a danger to the child, but in others, it is a situation brought on because a parent manipulates the child to pit them against the other parent. This latter issue, which is otherwise known as parental alienation, is often called a form of brainwashing by child experts - but is it also a form of abuse? The following explores further. 

Divorcing with Children: What Every Parent Should Know

Although divorce is, at its core, the ending of an adult relationship, it is not just the parents who are affected. In fact, children often experience stress, grief, and even anger during the process. This is understandable, considering their lives are also being turned upside down. Paired with their inability to fully comprehend the reason behind the divorce, they can be at great risk for long-term problems. Thankfully, parents who are intentional, mindful, and empathetic to their child's struggles can minimize the risk of lasting troubles. The following information can help you take this approach in your divorce. 

How Allocation of Parental Responsibility (Custody) and Parenting Time (Visitation) are Determined in Illinois

When parents file for divorce, or for parental rights after the legal establishment of paternity, they must determine how they will split time with their child (parenting time) and decision-making power (allocation of parental responsibilities) in their child's life. How do parents make such a determination? They follow a legal process that is outlined by the courts. Understand how this process works and how you can effectively develop a plan that works for your family. 

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