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Do you know who enforces a child support order?

Raising a child under any circumstances is a difficult task, but raising child without child support that the other parent legally owes is an entirely different matter altogether. If you have difficulty getting another parent to pay his or her ordered child support payments, what can you do about it?

Do you need a property division checklist?

Going through a divorce is hard for anyone. Especially in cases where you and your spouse can't seem to see eye-to-eye, the stress can feel unbearable. This said, even in cases where everything is going amicably, you will no doubt still have questions and concerns about just how assets are going to be divided among two people. 

Should I include discipline and religion in my parenting plan?

Your parenting plan is a flexible document for you and your child's other parent to put in place agreements for how you'll raise your child -- or children -- together. Having a solid parenting plan helps to ensure you are both on the same page and will hopefully reduce the chances of having serious disagreements over parenting choices later on down the road.

What happens to your marital home in an Illinois divorce?

For many couples heading into a divorce, there are two major points of contention. The first and often most emotional issue will be custody and support of any minor children from the marriage. The second issue, which can also become quite contentious, is how to fairly divide assets between spouses. In cases with a prenuptial agreement, asset division can prove easier. Barring that or an uncontested agreement about how to divide your assets, the courts will make these decisions on your behalf.

Do you need to modify your child custody or support orders?

One of the few constants in life is change. You may have felt like you understood your situation in life and your future trajectory when you went through your divorce. However, now things are different. Perhaps you lost your job and can't seem to find another that pays as well. Or maybe you've just made a change in your career path, deciding to follow your passion over higher pay. Whatever the reason is, there are many circumstances in life that can lead to a change in your earnings.

Planning to divorce? Keep these tips in mind

Whether you have been married for thirty years or three years, divorce is hard. You have to make decisions regarding what you want to fight for, what you can let go of and even how best to tell the kids. Unfortunately, it is easy to make some costly mistakes when you make these important decisions. However, there are multiple tools available to help you get through the process while mitigating potential losses.

3 options for your family home in divorce

A home is more than just a place to live. It's a place where memories are made. While some may see a standard kitchen, you see the place where your family gathered around for big Sunday morning breakfasts. And while others see the living room as a place to put the TV, you remember your son learning to sit up by pulling himself up along the furniture.

3 tips for divorced parents this holiday season

With many big box stores breaking out the holiday decorations, it is safe to say it is officially the holiday season. Just thinking about all the shopping, planning and expectations can send any parent into a panic. However, for those who recently went through a divorce, the thought of the holiday season can be overwhelming.

Tips to protect your retirement goals during divorce

Divorce impacts your financial goals in many ways. Are you properly planning for life after divorce? The answer is likely no. Many couples get divorced every year in Illinois. Like most couples, you are probably concerned about the impact divorce will have on your finances, including your retirement plans.

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