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February 2017 Archives

Conscious Uncoupling - Is It Right for You?

Over the last couple of decades, divorce rates have declined. Some of this is attributed to the increased rate of cohabitation before (or even in lieu) of marriage. Yet it is also possible that there are other nuclear family changes impacting the rate of divorce. Conscious uncoupling could be just one of those changes. Is it really right for your marriage? The following may be able to help you decide. 

Valuing Intellectual Property in Divorce

The division of assets in divorce is generally thought of in tangible terms - bank accounts, retirement accounts, and real estate. Yet intellectual property, such as software, copyrights, and trademarks can carry value as well - and they are becoming more and more common in divorces. So how, exactly, do you value these intangible assets? The following explains. 

Divorce, Children, and Your Federal Tax Return

Although some married parents do file their taxes as married but separate, most opt to file their taxes jointly. This is because joint filing tends to offer more tax credits to those with dependents. What happens, though, when a couple divorces? How do they manage tax credits and deductions for dependents? The following explores the answers to these questions. It also offers some divorce strategies that may help to reduce the risk of confusion during tax season. 

Non-Marital Businesses and Divorce - What You Should Know

While some couples do start, own, and run their businesses together, not all join forces in the business world. Instead, some parties choose to go out and develop their own business, or they develop a business with other individuals outside of their marriage. Some even have businesses prior to marriage. These businesses are considered non-marital businesses. Yet being non-marital does not necessarily mean the business is safe from liquidation or division in divorce. Learn more about non-martial businesses and divorce with help from the following. 

Is Parental Alienation a Form of Abuse?

Every child deserves a healthy and loving relationship with both of their parents. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In some cases, it is because one parent truly is a danger to the child, but in others, it is a situation brought on because a parent manipulates the child to pit them against the other parent. This latter issue, which is otherwise known as parental alienation, is often called a form of brainwashing by child experts - but is it also a form of abuse? The following explores further. 

Avoiding the Most Common Financial Mistakes in Divorce

Divorce is a highly complex legal process with numerous financial pitfalls. Some are minor in nature and may cost you little. Others could potentially lead to a significant depletion of your financial resources. Thankfully, there are ways you can mitigate the risks. The following information covers some of the most common financial mistakes made during divorce, and provides some tips on how you can potentially avoid them.

Common and Complex Divorce-Related Money Issues - Protecting Your Financial Future in the Midst of Divorce

Though money is one of the most common causes of divorce, it is not an issue that ends because of divorce. In fact, many couples find that their financial woes are just starting. To make matters worse, they must somehow find the time to manage the legal and financial aspects of their divorce while also coping with the emotional stress. It is no wonder so many find themselves overwhelmed! Combat this problem with help from the following information on the most common and complex divorce-related money issues. 

Study Shows Children of All Ages Can Benefit from Overnight Visits with Dad

When parents divorce, they often wonder how their children will adjust, particularly when it comes to transitioning from living in one home to two. Thankfully, researchers have spent the last several years studying how divorce impacts children, and most find that children adjust best when they have a continued loving relationship with both parents. In fact, a recent study that found children could benefit from an overnight with dad at any age. 

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