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August 2016 Archives

In a Divorce, Who Gets "Custody" of the Embryos?

There used to be only two ways to have a child: conceive one naturally or adopt. Modern medicine has changed all of that with the development of in vitro fertilization (IVF). An assisted reproductive technology in which couples cryogenically preserve unfertilized eggs and/or fertilized embryos, this gives them a way to start their family when they are ready or able to do so. Unfortunately, if a couple fertilizes the eggs and then later file for divorce, the fate of their embryos (and possibly even their chance to have a family) may rest with the court. 

Study Suggests the End of Summer May Be a "Peak Period" for Divorce

Divorce rates have been known to rise and fall throughout the year. However, a new study suggests that these occasional increases and decreases may be more than simple coincidence. In fact, a recent study suggests that they may even be seasonal, occurring most often after a holiday period, including summer break and winter holidays. Researchers weighed in on why they think these seasonal divorce trends exist.

Paying Your Child's College Tuition After Divorce

Whereas most divorcing couples are able to make a clean break, parents who divorce have a child that connects them, even after the papers are finalized. In the child-rearing years, this means a making switches for parenting time, paying or receiving child support, and possibly even bumping into one another during dance recitals or soccer games. When the child becomes an adult, parents must determine how to fund college tuition. Regardless of whether you are currently at this stage in your life, or simply want to plan for the future during your divorce, the following information can help in you deciding how to fund your child's college tuition after divorce. 

Parenting Time and Infants: Determining the Best Interest of the Child Can Be Tricky Business

When parents file for divorce, they are more than just a case file. They are a family, about to split apart. Suddenly, a child will have two homes instead of one. Yet they still have just one childhood, one chance to grow up and know that they are loved by both of their parents. Little league games, dance recitals, first words, and first steps only happen once. Each birthday and Christmas signifies your child getting a year older. So how do you decide who spends what moments with a child that you share?

Could a Prenuptial Agreement Decrease Your Chances of Divorce

Wedding season is officially upon us, and couples are in the final stages of planning. They are getting that last fitting done, perfecting the guest list, double-checking with the caterer - but how many are working on a prenuptial agreement? More importantly, should they? After all, prenuptials are just for couples with millions of dollars . . . right?

Important Divorce Decisions: Which Assets Should You Keep, and Which Should You Sell?

Divorce is one of the most contentious, emotionally difficult, and legally complex matters of the law. This is due, in part, to the process known as asset division. These things, being divvied up between you, are not just material possessions. Many have memories attached - a family home where children were raised, summers spent at a vacation cottage, the pearls given as a Christmas gift. How do you decide what to split, what is worth arguing over, and what should simply be sold? The following information, and guidance from our skilled divorce attorneys, can help you forge forward. 

Developing a Parenting Plan for an Illinois Divorce

When the laws regarding divorce changed, the way that parents determined when and how they would spend time with and make decisions about their child's life changed as well. These aspects of divorce, which are now known as allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time, require that parents craft and submit a legal document that outlines the details of these matters in their divorce. Known as a parenting plan, it covers everything from where a child will go to school to what their religious upbringing will be. Know how this plan is used and how you can effectively craft one during your divorce. 

Divorce and Retirement: Plan for the Future During Your Divorce

Whether you are nearing retirement age, or still have years or decades to wait, it is never too early to think about retirement. This is especially true for those who are planning on filing for divorce. Assets, including retirement accounts, are subject to equitable distribution during the process. Failure to consider how this will impact your retirement could have negative consequences, long into the future. In contrast, those that plan effectively and consult an attorney during their divorce are more likely to be prepared for retirement. Learn what you need to know to achieve the latter. 

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