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June 2016 Archives

Denied Time with Your Children? You Have the Right to Assert Your Parenting Time Rights

Whether you are going through a divorce, have completed your divorce, or have never married the mother or father of your child, you have the right to pursue parenting time (formerly known as visitation) with your child. Furthermore, if a court order agreement is put into place, you have the right to seek enforcement if your right to parenting time is being denied or otherwise violated. Understand your options and how an attorney can assist you in pursuit or enforcement of your parental rights. 

Divorce and Money: Is the Fight Really Worth the Cost?

Divorcing couples with a reasonable sum of assets and money usually want to ensure they receive their fair share. Unfortunately, obtaining that fair share is not always an easy task. For some, the division of assets is a long, drawn-out battle, with each party arguing over what he or she is entitled to have or keep. For others, there could be deceptive practices like asset hiding or transferring that is meant to rob the other party of his or her fair share. Regardless of the situation, arguing over assets carries a number of possible risks for all involved.

Studies Indicate Divorce Stigma is Still a Pervasive Issue Among Those in Religious Communities

With nearly one million divorces occurring in America each year, one would think that the stigma surrounding the decision to end a marriage had dissipated-or, at the very least, waned over the years. Unfortunately, recent studies indicate that nothing could be further from the truth. In some cases, this could deter some couples from pursuing divorce, despite knowing that it is in their best interest. In the worst of circumstances, the fear of becoming an outcast and lack of support could keep victims in a dangerous marriage. Then, of course, there are those who do go through with divorce and must pick up the pieces alone. Suffice it to say that, the effects of this stigma can be detrimental to society. 

Grandparent Rights Following Family Changes

Whether you are a divorced parent worried about your parents or in-laws and their involvement with your child, or you are a grandparent with questions regarding your relationship with your grandchildren following a divorce, concerns about grandparent rights are understandable. Family changes mean lifestyle transitions, and getting acquainted with new family structure can be confusing for everyone involved. 

Navigating Alimony Negotiation

The subject of alimony (spousal maintenance) can be a touchy one for couples entering the divorce process. It is common for a spouse to request alimony following the dissolution of marriage, but the definition and parameters of alimony can vary and are sometimes difficult to determine. This is often due to differing opinions and disagreements between spouses when it comes time to settle the details. 

Illinois and Allocation of Parental Responsibility: Can Children Choose Which Parent They Live with After a Divorce?

Even with the recent changes to Illinois' allocation of parental responsibility, there are still areas that remain fairly grey. If, for example, an older child wishes to spend more time with one parent, will his or her wishes be taken into consideration in a custody case? And, if so, how much weight is given to that preference? If you are the parent of a teen in an upcoming divorce case, understand these elements of parental time allocation and how it may apply to your situation. 

Transition Tips for Divorcing Parents

Those who are in the midst of divorce or are recently divorced face a number of transitions, especially when it comes to raising children and adapting to new lifestyle arrangements. Regardless of your situation, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain of how to navigate your new life as a divorced parent. 

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