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Receiving the Child Support You Need in Illinois State

Filing for divorce and undergoing the aftermath of the process takes an emotional toll on the whole family. Additional arrangements that come with separation such as parenting time (visitation), allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody), and child support can add to your stress levels significantly. If children are in the picture, all of these issues are important to the wellbeing of both you and your spouse, and of course, your children. 

Divorce and Taxes

One of the most complicated parts of a divorce can be trying to understand all of the different tax consequences a given course of action could cause. You need a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to help you make informed decisions that could impact your finances and your tax bill for years to come. 

What Does it Take to Succeed in Mediation?

Not every family law case has to be resolved by a judge. Even cases where the two sides are far apart can sometimes be settled through mediation. Mediation gives both sides more control over the outcome of their case and also allows the disagreement to be resolved efficiently and with sensitivity. However, to have the best chance at a successful mediation, you must be prepared. 

Questions You Need Answered Before Filing an Appeal

Feeling disappointed and angry due to the decision of a family law judge is a common reaction. Family law cases are complex and it is difficult to strike a balance between the two sides. Moreover, many people's initial reactions are to file an appeal. However, before you decide to spend the time, effort, and money on an appeal, you need to get the answers to a few questions. 

Dealing With High-Conflict Communications in a Divorce

Divorce, like other stressful situations, sometimes brings out the worst in people. However, if you are in a high-conflict divorce, knowing how to handle hostile communications from your spouse can be difficult. Developing a strategy to manage communications with your spouse can help to improve your mental health, provide more stability for your children, and may even help you have a better outcome in your divorce. 

Can You be Held Responsible for Your Spouse's Debt?

The distribution of marital property is a key issue that comes up in divorce proceedings. Illinois is an "equitable distribution" state, which means marital property is not necessarily divided in half, but rather in a way that is "fair and equitable." 

Can I Take My Child Out of Illinois for a Family Vacation?

Once a court has entered an order for the allocation of parental responsibilities, that order controls what parents are allowed to do. However, some circumstances may not be specifically addressed by the order. One common issue parents face is wanting to take a child out of the state for a short trip. 

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