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January 2016 Archives

Common Law Marriage and Divorce in Illinois

Some of the basic laws which govern what makes a marriage valid differ significantly from state to state. While Illinois does not recognize common law marriage, many states do. What happens if you have a common law marriage in another state, move to Illinois, and want a divorce? 

Challenges and Issues in Cases Involving Children and Same-Sex Parents

Even though same-sex marriage is legal throughout the United States, there are still unique issues facing same-sex couples in Illinois family law courts. When there is a case involving the allocation of parental responsibilities, formerly known as custody cases, same-sex couples may face challenges in getting the parenting time they deserve. 

The Importance of Prenuptial Agreements When You Marry After 40

A prenuptial agreement is one of the best documents you can have for your retirement. Most people begin hitting their peak earning years after the age of 40. This is also the time many people begin to seriously plan for their future retirement. A prenuptial agreement is a way to make sure that both spouses protect their future financial interests. 

Options When the Other Parent is Not Paying Child Support

The process of getting a child support order from the court can be long and frustrating. However, for many parents getting the child support order is just the first step. Sometimes the real problems come in trying to collect child support. 

Reasons Your Divorce Petition May Get Thrown Out of Court

All divorce cases begin the same way-one side files a petition for the dissolution of marriage with the court. However, sometimes the divorce never makes it any further along in the process because of a problem with the marriage or the petition. Moreover, issues may cause the court to dismiss the petition at the very start of the process. 

The Impact of a Child's Age on Illinois Parenting Time and Parental Responsibility Decisions

Judges are required to make decisions in family law cases in the best interests of the children and take into account several different factors. One of the major factors is the age of a child. Children have different needs as they grow up and judges often take those needs into account when making decisions about parenting time and parental responsibilities. 

Understanding Jurisdiction in Illinois Family Courts

Jurisdiction can be a confusing concept for non-lawyers to understand. Jurisdiction is the power of the court to hear a case and make a decision. For several different reasons, sometimes a case is brought before a court; however, the court does not have the power to make a ruling. Hence, the court does not have jurisdiction in that case. 

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