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December 2015 Archives

Understanding the New Illinois Family Court Procedures for Cases Involving Children

While most people have heard about the major changes to the Illinois family law system set to take effect January 1, 2016, many are not aware that family court procedures also changing. The process can be just as important as the substance of the law in determining the best way to handle your case. 

Importance of Experts for High Net Worth Divorce Cases

High net worth divorce cases often have complicated finances that need to be evaluated before any agreement for dividing the assets can be reached. Even when a couple is deeply involved in the management of their assets and income, experts are usually needed in a divorce. 

Paternity, DNA, and Child Support

What happens when a relationship ends, and a father then requests a DNA test to avoid paying child support because he does not believe he is a biological parent? This scenario occurs more often than one may think. 

What Happens When Your Spouse is Wasting and Destroying Assets?

When a marriage begins to fall apart, or even after a divorce is in process, one spouse may react emotionally and destroy, damage, or waste marital assets. This behavior is called dissipation of assets. Under Illinois law there can be severe consequences for such behavior. 

What You Need to Know About Appealing Your Family Law Case

After a final decision has been reached in your family law case, you only have a short time to decide if you should file an appeal. Not every case is suited for an appeal. You need to have your case evaluated by a lawyer with experience in bringing appeals of family law cases. 

Can an Illinois Divorce Court Make Me Sell My Land?

Dealing with real estate can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Whether it is a fight over the family home, a vacation property, or even a vacant piece of land, people are often emotionally attached to their real estate. How much say does a divorce court judge have over what happens to your land? 

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