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Helpful Tips for Divorcing Parents in Illinois

If you and your spouse are divorcing and have children, then it is particularly important to understand the basics of Illinois child custody laws. A clear understanding can provide you and your spouse with ideas regarding a custody arrangement, and will help to demystify the factors that courts will consider when awarding custody. Additionally, divorce can be an arduous and stressful time for everyone involved-spouses, children, extended family, and friends all face the impact of an ending marriage. However, considering the following steps may prove beneficial to help make your divorce process less stressful and more amicable for all involved-primarily your children. 

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

Despite what you see on TV and in the movies, not all divorces are contentious and hostile. Many couples want a way to end their marriage; however, they still want to have a positive relationship with each other after the divorce. This is where collaborative divorcecan help. 

Who Has to Pay Attorney Fees?

The general rule in Illinois court cases is that each side pays his or her own attorney fees. However, in family law cases, judges have a lot of power to decide if one side should contribute to the other side's attorney fees. 

The Role of Mediation in Illinois Divorces

Divorce cases can be some of the most difficult cases to settle. Emotions are often intense on both sides. Moreover, both spouses may feel they are fighting for what is right and what is best for the children. However, when a case goes to trial, many times neither side wins. Mediation, however, offers an opportunity for the two sides to find a way to settle the divorce in a way that is beneficial for both spouses. 

What You Should Know Before You File for Divorce

A divorce can be an emotional roller coaster. Not only are you officially ending a relationship, but you may also be fighting for your financial future and the future of your children. Therefore, before you file for divorce in Illinois, you will need to be prepared. 

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