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Child custody during the holidays

The most wonderful times of the year can be a little stressful, too. In between enjoying the company of family and celebrations comes the hustle and friction also. For families undergoing divorce in Illinois, that stress can sometimes be amplified. A detailed child custody plan along with a pinch of positivity may be the soothing balm for holiday flare-ups. 

Who goes where, and when? There are a number of ways to settle care and visitation needs for a child. When the dust settles, and the family begins to implement the plan, feelings can pop up. One parent may feel sad or left out when the children are away, or it can be hard to hear about the child missing his or her other parent. 

3 options for your family home in divorce

A home is more than just a place to live. It's a place where memories are made. While some may see a standard kitchen, you see the place where your family gathered around for big Sunday morning breakfasts. And while others see the living room as a place to put the TV, you remember your son learning to sit up by pulling himself up along the furniture.

While these memories are certainly powerful, these memories alone should not be the reason for holding on to the family home after a divorce. Rather, you need to look at the big financial picture and do what makes the most sense for you and your family not only now, but also well into the future.

3 tips for divorced parents this holiday season

With many big box stores breaking out the holiday decorations, it is safe to say it is officially the holiday season. Just thinking about all the shopping, planning and expectations can send any parent into a panic. However, for those who recently went through a divorce, the thought of the holiday season can be overwhelming.

Will the kids be with mom or dad? What about extended family? Do you need to have two Thanksgiving dinners? What about family traditions? These are just some of the many questions and concerns that commonly come to mind.

Tips to protect your retirement goals during divorce

Divorce impacts your financial goals in many ways. Are you properly planning for life after divorce? The answer is likely no. Many couples get divorced every year in Illinois. Like most couples, you are probably concerned about the impact divorce will have on your finances, including your retirement plans.

You can take steps now to prepare for your divorce and the division of your assets. It is important to work closely with your divorce attorney to create a strategy that will protect your interests. However, understanding the basic issues that may arise during your divorce when it comes to your retirement can go a long way in protecting your future.

Child support covers many different financial costs

There are many different financial costs in life. There are even more costs when two people have a child, and their lives change forever. They have to pay for a lot of different things for their son or daughter.

Now imagine that those parents get a divorce at some point in their lives. What happens then? How does the law financially accommodate the spouses and the child? This is where child support can come into play. It isn't awarded in every divorce case, but when it is, it becomes a vital form of compensation for the spouse that receives it.

How to survive Halloween and the holidays with your ex

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are divorced and share custody of your children, Halloween can be the beginning of a busy and challenging season for your family. How can parents create a better environment for their kids during the holiday season?

Stories of fighting with your ex over holiday schedules and managing school activities are common. However, don’t believe everything you hear from your friends. Every divorce is different, and every parent’s relationship with their ex is different.

Protecting Your Retirement During an Illinois Divorce

The financial implications of divorce are well-known and, for some, highly feared. In fact, studies indicate that it takes an average of five years to financially recover. Still, it is not just a couple's immediate funds that are affected; retirement accounts, which are often considered a part of the marital estate in divorce, may also be affected. Learn how you can mitigate against the damage with help from the following information. 

Divorce and Violence: How an Attorney Can Help Protect You and Your Children

Domestic violence is a pervasive issue in America. In fact, it seems there is a news story almost daily on the death or injury of a domestic violence victim. Often, the reported violence is connected to a victim trying to leave, either through separation or divorce. It is, by far, the most dangerous time for them. Learn how to protect yourself and your children during a divorce with help from the following information, and the aid of an experienced attorney. 

Common Prenuptial Agreement Mistakes to Avoid

Prenuptial agreements are making a comeback, which means more couples have a clear understanding of their financial obligations in marriage and are better prepared for divorce. Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that couples often make when drafting their agreements. Learn how to avoid them with help from the following information. 

Study Suggests Children of Divorce Are More Likely to Suffer from Obesity Later in Life

Obesity is a pandemic issue that costs Americans billions in healthcare costs each year. It can also increase one's risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity-related conditions. In short, is a killer and a thief. Thankfully, things have slowly started to turn around; people are becoming more aware of what they eat and how often they exercise. They are taking back control over their health. 

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